May 16, 2021

Approved Franklin City Council Minutes (08/01/19)

Franklin City Council Meeting Minutes


August 1, 2019(6:30 PM)


The Mayor and Council of the City of Franklin, Georgia, met in regular session Thursday, August 1, 2019 at City Hall at 6:30 p.m. All Councilmembers were in attendance. Mayor Rogers began the meeting by welcoming everyone in attendance and gave the invocation. Councilmember Almond lead the pledge to the flag.

MINUTES OF Council Meeting June 6, 2019

Councilmember Hayes made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Councilmember Jiles. The vote to approve the motion was unanimous. Mayor Rogers requested that it go on record that the July council meeting was cancelled and there were no minutes.


Mayor Rogers recommended the addition of Tax Digest under New Business. Councilmember Jiles made a motion to amend the order of the agenda, seconded by Councilmember Hayes. The vote to approve the motion was unanimous.



Finance Officer, Karen Boyd, spoke on the following report:

1. All accounts have been reconciled to the bank. General fund expenses exceeded revenues by $17,250 for July. Revenues are still exceeding expenses for the year by $26,858. 2. Sales tax increased $1,170 from last month and increased $2,152 from July last year. SPLOST increased $6,092 from last month and increased $4,868 from June last year.

Police Department 

Chief Hannah spoke on the following:

1. Recent Community Events – Summerfest was a success with nice weather, good staffing, and proactive policing resulting in only one arrest which was less than previous years. Back School Bash was also successful and officers are now preparing for school traffic.

2. Policies – Chief Hannah explained that he reviews the Department policies each year and had emailed the Council some recommendations on policy updates. Attorney Mecklin advised that he had reviewed these policies and found them ready for Council’s vote. Councilmember Jiles made a motion to approve the updated policies of Chapter 10-1, 11-1, 11-2, and 11-4 of the Franklin Police Department Operations Manual, seconded by Councilmember Bradfield. The vote to approve the motion was unanimous.

3. Vehicle Quotes – Chief Hannah worked to obtain quotes from various dealerships for a new patrol vehicle. Based on his recommendation, Councilmember Bradfield made a motion to approve the purchase of the 2020 V-8 from Akins Dodge, seconded by Councilmember Almond.
The vote to approve the motion was unanimous.

Street Department

Street Supervisor, Alan Holcomb, was not in attendance. Mayor Rogers updated the Council that he had begun an ongoing maintenance list by priority for the Street Department and asked the Council to let him know if they had any items to add to the list, or to use the new City maintenance email, but to include him so he could continue to prioritize the list.

City Attorney 

Attorney Mecklin had nothing to report but an update for item number three under Unfinished Business.


1. Fire Department Upgrades and Updates – Mayor Rogers gave an update that the only things lacking on the upgrade list for the fire department was the pressure washing and the wiring of the newly installed generator.

2. Trail Look-Out Deck and Upgrades – Mayor Rogers updated the Council that the new picnic tables arrived: one will be placed at the gazebo, one behind City Hall, four placed on both ends of the trail with two on each end, and one at the old look out area. Landscape timbers and river rock work will soon begin, and trash cans have been replaced.

3. Riverside Mobile Park Update – Attorney Mecklin distributed a written report to the Council and explained that he had filed a motion for the judge to make a default judgement on the case that began last year since there hadn’t been a response from the owner. The County had agreed to allow the removal of the mobile homes, despite having back taxes, on the condition that they were removed from the County and will waive their taxes as it will benefit the community. Attorney Mecklin advised that taking ownership of the property would be a liability to the City since it would involve expensive asbestos clean-up. He had contacted GA EPD, because they can sometimes provide leverage in these environmental asbestos situations, but after speaking to them he was concerned their inspection may bump up the cost of removal and he didn’t want to make it any more expensive for the owner or whoever ultimately removes the asbestos.

4. CDBG Project Update – Mayor Rogers received a report from HCWA Director, Laurie Cook, that the engineers had drawn up another design and the project should be done by October 31st.


1. Tax Digest – Mayor Rogers explained that although the County didn’t have the 2019 tax digest numbers ready for the Council to review at this meeting, the County was asking for the City millage rate to be set by September. Mayor Rogers recommended advertising and keeping the millage rate at 3.405 and as soon as the tax digest arrived it would be emailed to the Council. Council agreed and Attorney Mecklin stated no vote was needed.


Roy Swett spoke to the Council about his interest in the approval of a year-round farmers market on the square that would be held every weekend pending the weather. His farm and a few other farms would like to sell produce in Heard County beginning in the Fall or Winter once the Chamber Market Days ended. Attorney Mecklin advised that specific areas would need to be designated and ordinances would need to be reviewed for the allowance of a farmer’s market. Council discussion followed and Mr. Swett agreed to gather more information for the Council in order to get the
process going.





There was no further business to conduct and Councilmember Jiles made a motion, seconded by Councilmember Almond, to adjourn. The vote to approve the motion was unanimous. The meeting closed at 7:12pm.

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