January 28, 2021

Sara Claudia Tillman: Dating When You’re Blind

(Editor's Note: Special guest speaker Sara Claudia Tillman will be appearing at Centralhatchee First Baptist Church this Sunday, Feb. 23rd at 11:00 AM. All are invited to attend. Below is a recent blog post from her website about dating. To learn more about Sara Claudia's story and read more blog posts, visit saraclaudia.com or her Facebook page.) Dating … [Read more...]

Holiday Hope for Autistic Children

Written by Scott Jones of the West Georgia Autism Foundation (West Georgia) -- Is it just me or does the Christmas music start earlier each year? The moment I hear the first song, I begin to focus on the holidays. In general, that means time off from work, kids home from school, and reuniting with family members. Family time can be challenging and … [Read more...]

Pastoral Nuggets: Getting Close

This past Saturday Marianne and I attended the season finale of the Upward Basketball League, sponsored by First Baptist Church in LaGrange. We were there to watch our seven-year-old granddaughter, Kaitlyn Walker, cheer. Quite naturally, she was the best cheerleader there. Not just on her squad, but on all the squads! (Paw-paw’s opinion!) As the buzzer … [Read more...]

It’s All Greek to Me

[blake]Confession: I am a sorority girl; I am a member of the Delta Chi chapter of Kappa Delta sorority at LaGrange College. I am the President of the Panhellenic Council as well, so I truly know the in's and out's of sorority life now. Despite the fact that both my mother and sister had participated in Greek life during their college days, I was convinced … [Read more...]

The Adventures of a Mom of 4

[jessica]When I was five I played babies. When I was 10 I played house. By age fifteen I had a boy and girl name ready for my yet to be conceived children. At age eighteen I was engaged and married my prince at nineteen. I did very well in high school but never had any desire to go to college. I went through a brief period when I wanted to be a teacher, … [Read more...]

ZIPCAR: Those crazy hippies are using communal cars!

[atlgirl][My first instinct was to reference a column written by a certain Ms. Carrie Bradshaw. However my life isn’t nearly as glamorous, though I DO live in the city. It’s just, well , MY life.Referencing Sex and the City would be a bit trite, too. So, without further fanfare: Life in the City. I feel like, considering my audience, I should put a … [Read more...]

Early Predictions for Tigers, Dawgs, and Tide

[brian]With the calendar turning to August that can only mean one thing, college football season is now upon us. With local and national call-in shows heating up, and message boards starting to blow up like fourth of July fireworks, the wait is almost over. But with anticipation comes questions, and one of the most asked questions out there about any team … [Read more...]