November 24, 2020

PPA: Chairman Boone’s response (Part 7)

Chairman Boone's continued response: There has been a lot of progress made in the last 7+ years, and I would like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the most significant in this article. The construction of a new Courthouse had been a topic of discussion for many years prior to me taking office in 2013, however it just never seemed to reach the … [Read more...]

PPA: A Son’s Love

To the citizens of Heard County: Since I was a little boy my mama has taken me to the polls with her. She explained what a privilege it was, and that we should always exercise our right to vote. I remember getting up a little earlier just so we could vote on the way to school. I loved wearing my sticker all day. It made me feel grown up. Now that I am … [Read more...]

PPA: Chairman Boone’s response (Part 6)

Chairman Boone's continued response: My opponent stated in her recent article that she traveled to meetings and conferences to stay informed and updated on issues relating to counties in Georgia. Commissioners receive emails from ACCG sometimes daily with updates on issues affecting all or certain counties in Georgia. If there are any questions ACCG has … [Read more...]

PPA: Re-Elect Dianne Watson Heard County Tax Commissioner

Citizens of Heard County: I appreciate your continued support and your vote on June 9th, 2020. Our ability to campaign has been incredibly challenging. I was able to visit people one day before everything stopped because of COVID-19. I want to Thank You for your Patience and Understanding during this uncertain time of trying to deal with this virus. I am … [Read more...]

PPA: Chairman Boone’s response (Part 5)

Chairman Boone's continued response: In 2016, there were a lot of questions regarding the equipment I was acquiring through the Federal Surplus Program. Before the 2016 election, I submitted articles that were published in the local paper detailing how the program worked. I requested an item listed on the site, and if I was awarded the item it was … [Read more...]

PPA: A message from Commission Chair candidate Keri Denney

To the citizens of Heard County: Over the past couple of weeks my opponent has written several responses to the article that I ran about some of the issues I have heard from you as important to you and your families. It seems as if he has forgotten to respond to the $5,000 spending limit placed on the County Commission Chair, and the financial transparency … [Read more...]

PPA: Chairman Boone’s response (Part 4)

Chairman Boone's continued response: A clear understanding of the role of the Chairman verses the role of the district Commissioners needs to be revisited. Consider the Chairman's seat as the Executive branch of County Government. The Chairman is elected at large and the primary duties include, but not limited to, the management and oversight of the … [Read more...]

Re-Elect Dianne Watson Heard County Tax Commissioner

Heard County Citizens:  Time is drawing near to election time and I wanted to thank you for allowing me to serve as your Tax Commissioner. Heard County is my home -- I have always loved living here and most of all I love the kind and friendly people that live in this county. I do not think I could pick up and leave or move out of this county. I would like … [Read more...]

Chairman Boone’s response (Part 3)

Chairman Boone's continued response: Newly elected Commissioners are required to attend a training conference before taking office that is put on by the Association County Commissioners of Georgia, (ACCG) at the UGA  Conference Center in Athens. ACCG also offers a Certification Training Program for incumbents that is optional and not mandatory. I received … [Read more...]

Chairman Boone’s continued response

Chairman Boone's continued response: The responsible fiscal management of any budget with declining revenues and rising costs is a challenge within itself. Over the past 7 years, county health insurance costs have gone up every year. Adjustments had to be made to the insurance plan to lower the increase in overall premiums, such as deductibles, copays and … [Read more...]