December 6, 2021

Baby Braves Class Reunion a Success

(Franklin, GA) — The Baby Brave Class Reunion was held on November 3rd at Heard County Elementary School from 4-6. There were approximately 300 participants who attended.

HCHS Cheerleaders with a young Baby Brave at the Nov. 3 reunion at HCHS (Photo: Baby Braves)

The Baby Braves Program targets three areas with each event — parent awareness, building background knowledge and language skills for children, and school/ agency connection with families.

Many families visited the various Parent Awareness Stations to gather information on effective ways to engage their child to enhance learning and readiness skills for school.

Participants visited the Reading Readiness Station, Speech-Language Station, Sensory and Learning Station, Math Readiness Station, Developmental Milestone Station, Pre-K Awareness Station, Consultation with faculty to address questions or concerns, and the Technology Station which helped parents load the Developmental Milestone app to help track their child’s progress.

At each station, parents were given strategies to use to teach and engage their child using purchased items or inexpensive items that they already have at home. Each Baby Brave got to choose a new book and bookmark to take home.

An important part of this program is to help parents understand the window of opportunity that exists for early learning, brain development, language, and needed interventions for children who may have difficulties.

If parents gain knowledge concerning the five areas of development and engage their children to promote learning, their child will be more prepared for school. Research has shown that this type of early learning has a direct impact on later school success.

Baby Braves and their siblings enjoyed many fun activities. Santa was available for pictures and to take Christmas wish lists. Inflatables of all sizes and the Polar Express Train Ride was also a favorite among the little ones.

Many festival type activities were placed beside the Parent Awareness Stations for the little ones to play while parents visited the stations. The children also enjoyed having their pictures made with the Heard County Cheerleaders.

Cotton Candy, popcorn, and snacks were enjoyed in the cafeteria while the Georgia-Kentucky Game played for parents to check the score. At the end of the event, the Baby Braves Class Reunion picture was taken and door prizes were given away.

Overall, it was a great day. The most important part of the day was the relationships that continue to be built and maintained between the school and families.

There was a large turnout for the latest Baby Brave Reunion at HCES recently (Photo: Baby Braves)

We want to thank Sheri Calhoun, Jenny Googe, Kathy Knowles, and all of our teacher and community volunteers who took the time to invest in our future Braves!

To see how these reunions have grown in such a short amount of time is a true affirmation that early literacy can be affected in a positive manner when you have a community that is receptive to this very important message.

We will continue to invest in this program and we look forward to hosting the next reunion very soon!

To see more photos from the reunion visit Baby Braves on Facebook.

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