October 28, 2020

Blown fuse responsible for weather siren failure

Scott Blue, the Chief of the Heard County Fire and Emergency Services, reported this week that the malfunction of the weather siren in Centralhatchee last Saturday afternoon was due to a blown fuse and that the problem has now been repaired.

He stated that the siren had worked properly during its routine monthly test on January 4th and had passed all recent safety inspections including the annual inspection in November, 2011. All sirens are tested at 12 Noon on the first Wednesday of each month.

County sirens were activated last Saturday during the severe weather that passed through the area. The storms caused minimal structural damage in the area although several trees were reported down in the Cherry Road vicinity of HWY 34 towards Newnan.

Blue also added that while the sirens are very important warning devices that many times they cannot be heard inside today’s newer highly insulated homes in some outlying areas.

He advised that the most effective means of receiving reports of severe weather immediately is via weather alert radios. The county currently has eight working weather sirens located throughout the county.

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