November 27, 2021

BOC Presents Service Award

(L-R) Commissioner Joe Adams, Commissioner Larry Hammond, Chairman Lee Boone, Rosa Moreland, Commissioner Larry Hooks, Commissioner Keri Denney and Commissioner Gwen Caldwell (Photo: Debbie O’Neal)

(Franklin/Times-Journal) — The Heard County Commissioners met on June 26, 2018 in the administration building in Franklin. All Commissioners were in attendance.

Chairman Boone called the meeting to order gave the invocation and led everyone in the pledge to the flag.

The commissioners presented Heard County Transit employee, Rosa Moreland with a 20-year service award in recognition of her loyal and dedicated service to Heard County.

Rosa began her career on June 15, 1998 with Heard County Transit. Rosa will be retiring on June 30, 2018.

“We are sad to see her go. For anyone that has rode around the county, especially in Franklin and see the Transit Bus, you look for Rosa. I look for her every time! I will say in my experience since I’ve been chairman of the board, Samantha McKinney Heard County Transit Director has carried you in high regards. She knows if she’s away and you’re there she doesn’t have anything to worry about,” said Chairman Boone.

“I think you have been a great employee. She comes to work, does her job, she loves her job and the people love her and that’s the most important thing. Rosa is the type of employee you are proud to see them retire but you hate to see them step down. Rosa, thank you for your service to Heard County.”

Commissioner Joe Adams honored Rosa by stating, “I have been knowing Miss Rosa for years! She is a sweet lady and I hate to see her go. Rosa, I hope you enjoy your retirement!”

Commissioner Larry Hammond said, “You are going to be solely missed by a lot of folks around here! You have been around this county for a long time I wish you the best!”

Commissioner Larry Hooks said, “I’m with Chairman Boone, when I see the transit bus, I expect to see your smiling face. They are going to have a hard time replacing that now! We appreciate the job you’ve done and hope you enjoy your retirement!”

Commissioner Keri Denney said, “Miss Rosa you know I love you and I love to see your smiling face everywhere around town. I see you almost every day. You will be missed! I appreciate the job you do and I’m sure I’ll still see you around!”

Commissioner Gwen Caldwell honored Rosa by stating, “We appreciate the job you’ve done.”

Heard County Transit Director Samantha McKinney stated, “she knows how much I appreciate her! She has definitely done a very well job for me and this county! She will be greatly missed!”

Rosa was presented a plaque from the commissioners for her service.

A public hearing was on the agenda for a rezoning request by Robert Payne. For the property at the corner of Pea Ridge Road and Franklin Parkway. Chairman Boone was notified by Heard County Zoning that the hearing would need to be rescheduled. A motion was made by the board and approved to continue the hearing to the July 24 meeting.

The board approved the minutes as written from the May 22 meeting and the June 12 called budget workshop meeting.

Under New business the commissioners approved the 2018-2019 Budget

The next item under new business commissioners discussed the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority (GEFA) Loan for Heard County Water Authority (HCWA).

GEFA, is a state agency created in 1985, provides low-interest loans to cities and counties as well as infrastructure authorities to finance improvements to water, sewer and solid waste systems. The commissioners also discussed SPLOST proceeds with HCWA.

Laurie Cook Executive Director of Heard County Water Authority requested a standard letter required to receive the GEFA loan stating the county would back the loan in case HCWA was unable to repay.

Mrs. Cook presented project plans to the commissioners from Carter & Sloope with two options. Option A to increase to a 3 million gallon a day water plant or Option B to increase to a 4 million gallon a day water plant. Cook stated to the board, we are at a crossroad in our project and value your input.

The original plan was to upgrade to the 3 million gallons a day water plant but for the future growth of Heard County we could expand to the 4 million gallons a day water plant if funds were available. In the long run, it would save the county money as well as prepare for Heard County’s future growth. With SPLOST proceeds, GEFA loan and a rate increase at HCWA Option B is possible.

Commissioners approved a motion to provide a letter of support for the funding of option B, the 4 million gallons a day water plant for the Heard County Water Authority.

Commissioners discussed Heard County Fire and Emergency Services Agreement. Deputy Chief, Jim Short presented an agreement to the board for approval. Basically, the agreement is for new hire recruiters at the Heard County EMS. The agreement is a contract for recruiters to sign upon being hired, agreeing to pay back training funds if they leave Heard County EMS before 2 years.

Chief Short stated, “If the employee is terminated or injured and unable to work they would not be obligated to pay back the funding. We hope that this is a piece of a better plan to get career people here in Heard County.”

Chief Short explained to the board that since 1981 Heard County has hired and trained around 400 people that no longer work for Heard County EMS but have went to other places in Georgia.

Short stated, “We have 45 spots and I have hired 12 people. One shift is 15 people, right now we are down almost a whole shift.”

EMT School is 6-9 weeks and Fire Fighting training is 13 weeks. New recruiters would be obligated to stay two full years with Heard County EMS after receiving their certification or repay Heard County for the training.

Commissioners approved a motion to adopt the agreement to reimburse cost for training to the Heard County EMS.

The board discussed and approved changes to the Heard County Personal Management System to reflect the new Hands Free law and adopt the Heard County EMS contract.

Board of commissioners disagreed on changes to training travel cost for elected officials, however when put to vote the changes were approved by 3 to 2 votes to use discretion when choosing training classes that require overnight stay.

There was no old business and no public comments. The commissioners went into executive session to discuss litigation. The meeting was adjourned.

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