December 7, 2021

Braves receive State Championship Rings

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(Franklin, GA) — Heard County’s varsity football team received their State Championship rings Sunday during an afternoon ceremony at the high school.

The Braves, coached by Tim Barron, won the GHSA Class AA championship in December, beating Rockmart 27-6 in the title game at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

More than 100 players, coaches, cheerleaders and support staff were honored with either the rings or commemorative pendants. The event marked Heard County’s first state championship in the sport since its inception in 1972.

The ceremony began with a 21-minute advance preview of an upcoming DVD film about the championship produced by Henley Road Entertainment.

Coach Barron and Mr. Randy Nix, Republican member of the Georgia House of Representatives for the 69th district each shared remarks prior to the much-anticipated distribution of the state title jewelry.

In addition to the hardware, each athlete was presented with a copy of House Resolution 46 that honored the team at the Georgia State Capitol in early February.

“I just want to congratulate you again on having a great year. Watching that video gave me chill bumps — it just shows you what you can accomplish if you don’t quit,” said Rep. Nix.

Coach Barron spoke about what it will take to reach the pinnacle again in the future.

“If we want to have these moments again and we want to move forward then we’ve got to move forward as a community and it’s got to start with everyone in this room,” said Barron.

He also thanked the many people in the past that helped build the program from the ground up including Mr. Richard Carlisle who first hired himself and the Curbow brothers in 2002.

“It’s everybody — it’s the players that played before you guys that built a place where other people wanted to come be a part of it. We built a place academically where parents wanted to get their kids out of different places and get them here and it is a combination of all of that and what we built that yielded the results out here in front of us today, ” Barron stated. “We can’t just say it’s us — it’s all those people before us — it’s everybody working together with a clear and defined goal, and ultimately it’s a love for young men and young women and helping them be successful — we are at a great and very special place.”

Barron especially complimented the players for overcoming so much adversity after a 1-2 start to the season including a crushing 33-0 loss to the same Rockmart team they defeated in the title game at the Benz.

“There’s very few kids that have the mental toughness to handle adversity and to bounce back and have the turn around season that they did,’ said Barron.

The epic Callaway win after battling back from a late 10-0 deficit was also a topic of discussion for the veteran coach.

“We knew when we played that ballgame — the way these kids fought and found a way to get a win against a tough opponent — that’s overcoming adversity, and that is Heard County — we are just a little bit tougher than everyone else,” Barron concluded.

Athletic director Shane Lasseter was very pleased with the show of support at the Sunday afternoon ceremony.

“This was a great event and we know the kids and families were excited. We had 100 percent of the kids show up even with short notice — and that says it all,” Lasseter stated. “We are grateful for the special people and for being part of such a great program that was able to provide a quality token to the kids that they can always have and be proud of that recognized an achievement that nobody can ever take away.”


  1. Very disappointed says

    Why wasn’t the band Honored during the “ring” ceremony? I personally have a child in the band. I have spoken to several parents, who are very upset about this. None of us were approached about the band having an option to participate in this ceremony or purchase the ring. I could understand if there was only a handful of kids were over looked, but there were over 50 kids who were overlooked, how did that happen? The band works extremely hard to support the football team and to have the band overlooked in something that was this special is very disheartening. The band works just as hard as football does. They are there in the summer. They have band camp 8am- 9pm for a week in the heat. The band gets the football players energy up. The band gives the cheerleaders music to dance to and cheer along with. The band kids sit in the cold. They are the ones that sit in the heat with that hot uniform on. They are the ones that gets the crowd moving. It is the band that keeps the atmosphere full of energy during Friday night games. I don’t know if the Brave Nation realizes just how much the band members sacrifice for the sake of the game. Not only were they at every football game, rain or shine, they gave up their half time show for homecoming, and performed after the game, the football players nor the fans even stopped to acknowledge them. They also had a Marching Competition during the middle of the football season, every Saturday in October they were loading the band at 8 a.m. and not back to unload many Saturdays until midnight. I have watched other bands perform this year, I must say Heard County has a great band. I’m not saying that because I have one in the band, but I think people need to stop and think, “What would Friday night football games would be like without the band?” Shame on whomever took it upon themselves to make the call that affected over 50 hard working band kids. Someone needs to explain this to myself and other parents. Why is it that the band is treated as if they are not a part of this great Brave Nation?

    • Does the football team get to be included in the band’s celebration when they win a Saturday competition? The band has their own chance to win a state title and it’s not in the Benz on GPB. It is at a band competition. Instead of talking about all of these feelings getting hurt, can we not just celebrate the accomplishments and realize that if it really does mean so much to anyone(band, fan, football player, coach) then the memories are going to be worth a lot more than a ring or trophy.

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