May 17, 2021

Ephesus and Centralhatchee Election Results

(Centralhatchee/Ephesus) — Following early voting which ended last week, city election day was held in both the Town of Centralhatchee and the City of Ephesus Tuesday.

In Ephesus, the only contested position saw Christopher Lynn Cumbie win the Post 2 City Council seat with 50 votes (75.76%), defeating Ralph Cates who garnered 16 votes. The seat was left vacant when Aubin Cumbie did not seek re-election.

Ephesus Mayor Denney Rogers, City Recorder Dan Harrod, and city council members Paul C. Gosdin, Ray Gosdin, Donna Henderson, and J. Tony Rogers will each continue to hold their current positions after running unopposed.

Because council members do not run for specific “posts,” voters in Centralhatchee chose the top five from a slate of six candidates with the top five vote-getters winning the seats.

City Council results in Centralhatchee were Eley Loftin (57 votes), Barbara A. Norwood (54 votes), Walt Wiggins (54 votes), Emmett Jackson (51 votes), Josh Gladney (48 votes), and Julia Rogers Hand (45 votes).

As a result, Julia Hand was eliminated and will be replaced on the five person council by newcomer Josh Gladney next year.

Incumbent Mayor Barbie Crockett ran without opposition for Mayor of Centralhatchee.

Only registered voters from the Town of Centralhatchee and the City of Ephesus were eligible for this election. About 24% of the registered voters participated.

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