October 25, 2020

Heard Votes Yes to SPLOST; Blackburn, Crane headed for Runoff

Heard County voters Tuesday overwhelmingly approved the SPLOST referendum with 68% of the voters voting YES and 32% voting NO.

Over 800 people either visited the polls on Tuesday, early voted in the last couple of weeks, or mailed in absentee ballots.

Unofficially, the total count overall including all precincts was 602 YES votes to 282 NO votes.

The only precinct which did not vote in favor of the SPLOST was Enon Grove where the NO’s outnumbered the YES’s 45-36.

The other precincts voted as follows: Centralhatchee 71-26 YES, Cooksville 35-18 YES, Ephesus 89-32 YES, Franklin 85-34 YES, Glenloch 25-18 YES, Roosterville 51-34 YES, Southwest 45-18 YES, Walnut Hill 35-23 YES, and combined absentees 130-34 YES.

In the race for the Georgia Senate District 28 seat, left vacant following the resignation of Mitch Seabaugh, who was appointed deputy state treasurer by Gov. Nathan Deal, Duke Blackburn soundly defeated the other eight candidates in all precincts.

Countywide Blackburn (R) received 464 votes followed by Crane (R) 102, Brass (R) 81, Bennett 76, Seabolt (D) 75, Williams (D) 29, Pepper (R) 22, Stone (R) 18, and Frank (R) 3.

It appears after voting in the other counties, that Blackburn and Crane will be in a runoff on December 6.

(updated 11/9/11 at 7:38 a.m.)


  1. Do not let all his campaign signs and fliers fool you. Mr. Blackburn supports democrats. He has made campaign contributions to democrat Zell Miller running for the Georgia Senate and democrat Chet Edwards running for US House of Representatives out of the 17th district in Texas. He also had campaign signs on his property in 2006 in support of democrat Mark Taylor running against the incumbent republican Governor of Georgia at the time Sonny Perdue. Of course all of us from Georgia know about zig zag Zell. Chet Edwards was on a short list of vice presidential candidates for Barak Obama. Need I say more?

  2. The Newnan Times-Herald will not post the comment I made above on the truth about Mr. Blackburn. I had to put a post on their site refering people to the Heard Citizen and this article to try to spread the word. Georgia Senate District 28 needs to know the truth. Let everyone know!

  3. Vote for Mike Crane says

    I don’t care that Mr. Blackburn has a 6-generation genealogy in Coweta County. I will not vote for someone who will not state what he views as problems in our current state government and does not present a concrete plan to solve those problems. The good ole boy system hasn’t solved any problems and putting new good ole boys in won’t either. Mike Crane has worked in the trenches, built a successful business and created jobs.

    • I have researched both candidates. Of course you see what I have found on Mr. Blackburn. Out of the 2 Mike Crane is the man for the job. I was very disapponted to see that Mr. Blackburn got 53% of the vote in Heard county. I really believe it was because of all the mailed fliers that he sent to people. I can understand being overwhelmed with 9 candidates and not having the time to check into all of them, but now we are down to 2. I just ask that you please take the time to look at each one. My hope is that after you do those of you that voted for Mr. Blackburn will reconsider the second time around.

      • Vote for Mike Crane says

        I would like to think the “average” voter would take time to research and not be swayed by one candidate who has the financial means to flood our mailboxes with fancy flyers and litter our landscape with hundreds of campaign signs. The good ole boy system has Blackburn’s back and I encourage you to give Mike Crane a second look. He will lead Coweta County in a positive direction. Vote December 6!

  4. FedUP W/Lies says

    More on Duke Blackburn – In 2000, Blackburn donated money to the Georgia Federal Elections Committee, a PAC that supports only Democrats including liberal candidates Sanford Bishop (D-House of Reps), Mel Carnahan (D-Senate), Marion Denise Spencer Freeman (D-House of Reps), James Harrington (D-House of Reps) and more.

  5. randy bryan says

    I am glad to see 33 other people in roosterville feel like I do about the splost. We may not be the majorty right now or in the near future, however time is on our side.

  6. It passed because of the scare tactics posted in the papers. When are the people going to stand up and say enough is enough?

  7. Vote December 6th! says

    According to the post here and verifing the information myself I have come to the conclusion that Duke Blackburn is a RINO (Republican In Name Only). He just put the republican title by his name and mailed out all the good sounding mailers so he can sneak into office and then put his democrat agenda to work. He does not say what he will do and he does not say what he stands for. Why? Because if he did everyone would know he is a democrat and he would not get the votes to win office in our conservative district. If the voters of Heard county knew this the first time he would not have got anywhere close to the amount of votes he received. Luckily he is in a runoff so we have another chance. Come on Heard county! Do your part and vote for Mike Crane December 6th and keep Mr. Blackburn out of office!

    • The reason Duke Blackburn got the votes in Heard County is because he came to our doors and public meetings and talked to us face to face. He cares about the agricultural base of this county and until Mr. Crane does the same I’m voting for Duke!

  8. Vote December 6th! says

    Do you know how much area Georgia Senate district 28 covers? All of Coweta, all of Heard, southern Carroll, and northern Troup counties. That is a lot of doors to knock on. If you received a personal visit from any of the senate candidates consider yourself lucky. Have you seen Mr. Blackburn’s website? Do you notice that he has an area about himself on there that makes him sound like a superhero, but not an area about where he stands on the issues? That is because he is a cameleon. He goes and does a public meeting in rural Heard county. What matters to most rural Heard county people? Farms. So he talks about how he supports agriculture. Sounds good to you. You said so yourself. So he just got your vote along with many others. Now he goes to a public meeting in downtown Newnan. What matters most to Newnan people. Not farms. So he would probably talk about how farm subsidies are a tax waste and he will do what it takes to eliminate them. Sounds good to them so he just got their vote. Mike Crane has what he stands for on his website. He is the true conservative in this race.

  9. Emmett Jackson says

    I am not sure how I will vote . I do know that anonymous editorials making unsubstantiated claims do not serve your intended purpose. Negative claims by unknown authors is not what I want or expect in a campaign.

    • FedUP W/Lies says

      Emmett Jackson, it isn’t unsubstantiated. Blackburn’s campaign contributions to multiple liberal democrats are public record that are easily verified by anyone with an internet connection. The government websites that track campaign contributions are online and available to you. In addition, Duke Blackburn himself wrote a letter that was posted on the Coweta Tea Party Facebook page where he tries to explain why he gave to so many democrats and liberal political action committees. So, you see, it isn’t gossip, you can read about it directly from Duke Blackburn’s lips.

  10. It is weird though. Why would someone running for public office representing the people not have an area on their website stating the issues and what they stand for?

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