October 20, 2020

Langston pleads guilty to Manslaughter and Child Molestation

(Lagrange, GA) — A 28-year-old Franklin man was sentenced to 15 years in prison and a total of 40 years of probation in Troup County Superior Court Thursday after pleading guilty to one count of Voluntary Manslaughter in Troup County and two unrelated counts of Child Molestation in Heard County.

Criss Dameon Langston (a.k.a. “Lank”) was originally charged with Felony Murder in the death of 48-year-old Michael Starnes of Heard County, which occurred near Wehadkee Creek on McCosh Mill Road in northern Troup County on March 14, 2014.

According to Langston’s account, Starnes allegedly made inappropriate comments towards the teenage daughter of his girlfriend that night and was asked to leave the group of people who were gathering to fish and shoot guns.

Langston told police that he drove down the dirt road on his ATV to verify that Starnes had left the area and found Starnes standing outside his truck in the middle of the road.

Criss Dameon Langston (a.k.a. "Lank")

Criss Dameon Langston (a.k.a. “Lank”)

According to Langston, both he and Starnes were armed and a verbal argument ensued leading to him shooting of Starnes two times.

Reports indicate that neither Langston or anyone in his party called for help and he left Starnes’ body on the roadway.

Langston later buried his weapon and Starnes’ weapon in two different counties before turning himself into authorities on March 17, 2014.

The case took a bizarre twist when Langston was released from the Troup County jail on $25,000 bond on August 13, 2014 and two months later was charged by Heard County authorities with Child Molestation.

Ironically, the charges related to the same teenage girl he had accused Starnes of making the inappropriate sexual remarks towards on the night of the shooting.

Langston allegedly forced the teenage girl, who resided in his own home, to have intercourse against her will on four separate occasions which investigators say was confirmed by both forensic evidence and witness testimony.

After being charged, Langston led Heard County authorities on a manhunt for several days beginning on October 15, 2014 before eventually turning himself in (at the urging of his father) to the Heard County Sheriff’s Office on October 17, 2014.

Langston was sentenced Thursday by Senior Judge of the Superior Court Allen B. Keeble of the Coweta Judicial Circuit.

In addition to the 15 years in prison and the additional 25 years of probation, Langston must register as a sex offender.

Both the Troup and Heard County cases were handled simultaneously in Troup County court by Coweta Circuit District Attorney Pete Skandalakis and staff after the parties agreed to a change of venue for the Heard County Child Molestation proceedings.

Langston was also facing another charge of Criminal Attempt to Escape in Heard County after he tried to escape the Heard County jail during his incarceration.

Sergeant Dan Boswell of the Heard County Sheriff’s Office was the lead investigator in the Child Molestation case in Heard County.






  1. 15 years isn’t near long enough

  2. Sandi Allen says

    15 years is hard to accept when Anthony (Michael) lost his life. But at least it is 15 years and not 5. Long time to sit and think about what you have done and may he never forget that he is a murder and a child molester. 15 years is a long time to carry that title around in prison.

    • Jenn strain says

      Self defense is self defense! He shouldn’t got nothing with that drunk being a perv and acting like a fool. He was always being out of the way with young girls.Lank did what he has to do!

      • Human being says

        My in-laws are related to Michael Starnes! None of us believe this crock of a story about him making inappropriate remarks to a young girl. The accusations come from a convicted child molester, mind you! Those who defended his remarks are his friends and will back him up. So what if he was intoxicated?! That is not with taking a life over!! Michael Starnes has family that loves him and to disparage his character without knowing him on a personal level shows your ignorance!

      • Human being says

        And if he did, against the familiy’s belief, make inappropriate remarks to this young girl, what happened to calling the police. He wasn’t physically attacking anyone. No one was in imminent danger from a man supposedly making crude remarks. Shooting a person ifor making crude remarks is self-defense? According to the courts, apparently it is not!

      • Really???? This guy murdered someone and molested a child!! The justice system also did what it had to do and locked this menace to society up. Ye shall reap what you sow

      • Jenn Strain I completely agree with you. This was obviously self-defense “Lank” did everything right he called the police right after he shot the man and he was visibly upset. Oh no wait actually he avoided the law for a few days and buried his gun in Heard County and then buried Michael’s gun in Cobb County and never called the police at all. Yeah doesn’t sound much like self-defense at all maybe you should try another argument.

      • He forced a teenage girl, his girlfriends daughter to be exact, to have intercourse with him four times and that’s okay to you jenn? You must not have read the whole article if you’re taking up for him.

      • You are crazy!

      • really jenn????? what if this was your daughter he was raping???? what if this was your brother, father, son, grandson he killed????? would your response still be the same?????

      • You don’t even know the story please do not disregard common sense

  3. Mitchell Jones says

    Wow this is crazy!!!!!!! So let me get this straight,, this man was given 15 yrs for killing a man, that said something to his step- daughter that he was raping??? So he got 15 years for Murder and Rape???? When just a couple months ago they gave a heard county man 20 years for rape, and Murder wasn’t even into play!!!!! What’s wrong with this picture?????

    • There’s no telling how bad Detective Boswell messed up the investigation. Karen Eisenhower stole 6000 dollars worth of equipment from me. Not only did he not arrest her , he let her keep my property. There is a lot of corruption in Heard County.

      • Get your facts straight Mark before you slander a person. I never stole anything from you. The piece of s**t trailor in question was payment you made to anorher party for work they did for you, you OWED money to them & could not pay. you DELIVERED the trailor to them yourself. then I bought it from the other party. You might want to get off the “crazy” pills you are taking, they are not working.!!!

  4. The murderers get to tell their side of the story their victims are silenced forever.

  5. He got 15 years for murder and rape… there is something very wrong with that. This is not justice. He should never be a free man ever again.

  6. Truthteller says

    Boy I tell the system is screwed all the way up. Tell me how a man that commit these Heinous crimes gets 15 yrs. I have family down the road now doing 20 year bids for robbery, sale of drugs etc….. Don’t get me wrong i don’t codon what they have did but i swear i’d rather see a drug dealer or robber any day out here on the streets before i see a murderer or child molester walking free. I mean this man took a life and ruined another yet he gets basically a slap on the risk. I hate to play the race card but you and i both know if he had been black or latino he would have got a 150 years lol….. I wonder how the victims’ family feel about this plea deal. K. Morerland Scoot P, J Bird, Disha, Boo Boo, man yall doing time this man should have got. Hold your heads up all these responsible will eventually have to answer to a higher power…No matter how you look at it Right is Right Wrong is Wrong and this is very wrong.

  7. Jenn u r one really ignorant person this was my friend that died and ur child molesting buddy only got 15 years that’s only 6 years 3 months and he will b set free! Unless someone in prison finds out what he did to that little girl his ass will b sore and from my experience in prison he might make it out sooner in a box!

    • Looks like Detective Boswell had his girlfriend lie for him. You know , I thought it was strange when I went to the Sheriff and reported catching Karen Eisenhower with my stolen equipment. Detective Boswell didn’t look on a computer or check a roll_a_dex., he went straight to the phone and called Karen Eisenhower from memory. And he bought a lie from two thieves that haven’t worked in years. At least you voted out the lying thieving trash Karen Eisenhower. I am a Disabled Vet and draw Service Connected Disability from the VA. But not one quarter for PTSD or any mental defect. These lies are used against Veterans all the time. It is not over between us and Boswell. I invite you thieves to the Criminal Justice System anytime.

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