May 12, 2021

Man Charged with Molesting Grandchildren

Jackie Dean Mabrey

Jackie Dean Mabrey

(Franklin) — A Decatur man is behind bars at the Heard County jail tonight after being arrested on Wednesday and charged with molesting his grandchildren.

53-year-old Jackie Dean Mabrey is charged with one count of Aggravated Child Molestation and two counts of Child Molestation after a joint investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Heard County Sheriff’s office.

According to investigator Sergeant Dan Boswell, the FBI tipped off the Heard County Sheriff’s office after Mabrey allegedly mentioned molesting his grandchildren during an FBI operation involving Craigslist.

Reports indicate that an undercover agent engaged Mabrey in a conversation in response to a posting Mabrey made on Craigslist allegedly trying to solicit young girls as well as connect with other pedophiles in his area.

Boswell stated that after further investigation, enough evidence was obtained to find probable cause to issue a warrant for Mabrey’s arrest on the aggravated molestation and molestation charges.

The alleged crimes took place in Heard County sometime between January, 2011 and January, 2013 and involved victims between the ages of two and five.

Boswell added that Mabrey was once charged with seven felony counts of Interfering With Government Property in Carrollton, GA after writing “child pornography graffiti” in government buildings, and has also been charged before with Cruelty to Children in Haralson County.

Mabrey has most recently been employed as a janitor at a VA hospital.  At this time no bond has been issued in the case.


  1. sick

  2. If this is true then I hope he gets raped in Prison!

  3. Sick! I don’t know what to say….yeah, I do know exactly what to say but due to my position and children reading this, I will just pray that someday we will have normalcy again.

  4. Serious this is so freaking sick. I hope those in jail show him what its like. Sorry but I better leave rest unsaid.

  5. if this is true then And eye for and eye I would not waste tax payers should be like way back when hang him in the court square.
    He is a sick pervert.

  6. if this is true then he should be hung upside down over a fireant bed naked n left there

  7. Being a product of molestation myself I can say without a doubt I shouldn’t harbor any hatred for the man because he has a disease but this man was a distant family member and I was molested as a child by a family member who molested not only me but some of his other grand kids. From there one of his grand children went on to molest a member of his family. Children are often a product of their environment; however, there is a higher rate of recovering or at least being more adaptive to the issues that come along with it such as PTSD and sexual issues such as becoming a pedophile themselves. I don ‘t have to see them hang, be tortured, killed and beaten. I’m at peace with thinking they will burn in hell for eternity for their actions!!!!

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