January 23, 2022

Motorcyclist killed in early morning tragedy

(Franklin, GA) — A local man was killed in a tragic series of accidents early this morning in southeastern Heard County.

According to a report issued this afternoon by Georgia State Patrol Sgt. Katie Thompson, 38-year-old Alan Franklin Newman died following a sequence of two separate accidents at the intersection of HWY 100 and Charlie B. Johnston Road near the Corinth community.

Newman was driving his 2009 Harley Davidson motorcycle southbound on Charlie B. Johnston Road around 4:55 AM when for unknown reasons he crossed the double yellow line and lost control.

Alan Franklin Newman (Photo: Facebook)

The motorcycle overturned onto its right side and he was thrown into the westbound lane of HWY 100.

Newman was then struck by a westbound 18 wheeler log truck.

Sgt. Thompson says it is unclear which of the two accidents caused the death of Mr. Newman but says the driver of the log truck is not at fault and no charges are being filed in the crash.

Traffic was shut down in both directions for approximately three hours while authorities investigated and cleared the scene.

Stay tuned to HeardCitizen.com for Mr. Newman’s funeral arrangements as they become available.


  1. Nancy Wilson says

    Alan spent alot of time at my house as a young boy. He was always well behaved and fun to be around. I sure hate to hear this. Prayers for his family

  2. Rev. Betty Jean Bowers says

    Praying for Travis & Matthew

  3. Prayers for this family!!!

  4. Kay Hemmings says

    Prayers too all

  5. My prayers are for the family and my best friend Ms Myrtle and baby boy Ryder Love yall prayers to all.

  6. For the short time I got to know and work with Alan he was a great guy and he will be missed dearly at Henkel. Prayers for his family and may he RIP

  7. Tammy H Estes says

    Prayers for his family…The Estes family is grieving also loved him like a third son…

  8. Wayne Screws says

    We work together at Henkel he will be missed but God has a plan he will all ways be in our prayers so as his family..God bless

  9. Elizabeth Payne says

    I don’t know Alan or his family, but may God bring comfort to your hearts for those who knew him and loved him. God Bless.

    And please other motorcyclist, be careful of deer and other animals when riding and especially riding in the dark.

  10. Reney Wycuff says

    Our love & prayers are with Mr Travis & Matt and the rest of the family ❤

    • I would like to take this time to add that I knew Alan for a little while whenever him an my sister we call Lil Myrtle came to visit my mother’s house. Alan gave my sister a baby boy name Ryder an he’s such a very very precious little baby with his long hair like his dad. Alan was always a quiet man whenever he came to visit over at my mother’s house an it was hard to get him to carry on a conversation due to his shyness I think. Just because he didn’t know us that well I believe. He still was a very nice guy an had respect when he was around us. Just the other day before this had happen there was a screech owl in my back yard an i new from the old superstition that that meant that there was a death and I was so shook up when I heard this. I told my mother to warn all of our family members to be careful. So this isn’t very old superstition that we all have seen throughout our lives when one of these owls come near your house that that is a true warning sign of death to come. As the old Superstition goes if you hear this I’ll screeching near your house to take each corner of a bedsheet and slowly tie it in a knot till you pull the sheet very tightly and it will shut the out up. You have to do this with all four corners of your bed sheet. If you ever hear one of these owls and you do as I mention here. You will hear the owl choke down. I’m only adding this to help those out there who are superstitious and give you a bit of relief that you can get rid of this bad luck. This is an Old Cherokee Indian superstition that goes back hundreds or maybe thousands of years. Our family has a lot of Cherokee Indian and it has been handed down through our family for years. I wanted to add this to help anyone out there to give you a piece of mind. I never been very superstitious until I started hearing about this superstition and until I started hearing this screech owl someone always end up dying. My sister passed away 4 years ago and right before she passed away I heard this owl screeching around my house and a few days later is when I found out that my sister had passed away. When I was a young boy I heard this owl and a few days later my uncle had shot himself. So after a few times hearing this owl around my home it has proved to me that they are very sacred animals and you can look up on the internet about birds they are very spiritual animals. So after Alan met my sister Lil Myrtle my sister would talk to Alan about God a lot and I also talked to Alan about God. One time as I was talking to him about God and a story from the Bible I seen Alan cry and I knew but God was touching him. I did not know where he stood with God in his religion but my sister told me when she first met Alan that he did not believe in God. She said he was an atheist but after being around my family my sister told me that he was beginning to see the truth about God and I am so thankful that if he truly was an atheist in the beginning that he met our family because my sister told me that he was a believer. Alan was a very great guy and he will be deeply missed and our family. Now he in a better place. My sister loved Alan very deeply and I pray that God will give my sister strength and everyone who was close to him. May God Bless this whole family in this time of grieving.

  11. Prayers for Travis and Matthew. What a tragic loss. I taught Alan as a child in youth group at church. God Bless this family.

  12. My heart is so heavy and broken for the Newman family. I have many cherished memories of Alan that I will hold onto, as he will be dearly missed. Alan’s dad Mr. Travis, his brother Matt, his fiance Myrtle, and his son Ryder, as well as the rest of his family and friends, are most certainly in my thoughts and prayers.

  13. Linda SingletonBishop says

    Prayers for Travis and the family.

  14. Faye Bright says

    I am so sorry to hear of this tragic death. I do not know the family but I ppray for Our Lord’s comfort on all of you family and friends.

  15. Masha Steele says

    Prayers for the family. This is so sad.

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