January 20, 2020

Police warning people to be wary of counterfeit money

(Franklin, GA) — The Franklin Police Department is warning local consumers and merchants to examine all cash transactions carefully after several counterfeit bills have emerged in the area over the last few weeks.

Fake $100 and $20 bills have been confiscated recently and authorities suspect there are probably more fakes out there.

These fake $20 bills have been passed in the local area recently (Photo: Franklin Police Department)

FPD investigator Lt. Tino Brooks says people should be vigilant in examining all of their cash bills.

“If anyone has concerns about any of their money, they can bring the bills by the police department or take to any bank for verification on the authenticity,” says Brooks.

Counterfeit bills have been passed in several other areas in Georgia this year including the Atlanta metro area.

In early 2018, authorities in Hall County said they believed several people–possibly tied to the same organization–were passing fake $100 bills at stores across North Georgia.

The Secret Service tracks counterfeit currency and said on average, $120,000 in fake money is confiscated by the Atlanta field office each and every week–more than $6,200,000 a year.

In fiscal year 2017, the agency seized $148,462,675 in fake money across the country.

To learn more about U.S. currency visit www.moneyfactory.gov.

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