October 22, 2020

Suspect in custody; Heard Deputy hospitalized

Deputy Glenn Towler of the Heard County Sheriff’s Department was hospitalized after receiving injuries while assisting Officer Gary Morgan of the Franklin Police Department in detaining an individual.

Deputy Glenn Towler

The incident began at approximately 10:30pm Thursday evening while Officer Morgan was conducting routine patrol duties at the Robert Canady Apartment’s, located on Mary Johnson Drive.

According to Officer Morgan, he observed a suspicious individual behind the apartments whom he knew did not live in the apartment complex and was consuming an alcoholic beverage.

As he approached the individual, identified as Miki McClendon, he began questioning the reason for his presence and discovered that the individual was intoxicated.

In addition, Officer Morgan verified that Mr. McClendon did not live in the apartment complex and had no justifiable reason for being there.

After speaking with Mr. McClendon, he was allowed to dispose of the alcoholic beverage and requested to leave the apartment complex, but became confrontational. While walking next door to 297 Mary Johnson Drive, Mr. McClendon continued to shout at Officer Morgan, causing a disturbance.

Due to Mr. McClendon’s intoxication level and continued disorderly acts, Officer Morgan re-approached him in an attempt to take him into custody. Upon being provided verbal requests so that Officer Morgan could detain Mr. McClendon he failed to follow the commands.

An estimated 20 or more individuals then approached their location, resulting in Officer Morgan calling for assistance from the Heard County Sheriff’s Department.

Upon the arrival of Deputies Glenn Towler and Spencer Moore, efforts to detain Mr. McClendon continued. As law enforcement officers attempted to physically detain Mr. McClendon, he resisted but was eventually handcuffed and detained.

During the struggle Deputy Towler’s ankle was broken and Heard County Emergency Services was requested at the scene.

Miki Demarco McClendon

He was transported to the West Georgia Medical Center where he was hospitalized due to the severe break of his ankle in three locations.

Doctors are hopeful that he will be released on Saturday, March 31st.

Miki Demarco McClendon was charged with one count of felony Obstruction of a Law Enforcement Officer, two counts of misdemeanor Obstruction of a Law Enforcement Officer, one count of Loitering/Prowling and one count of Public Drunkenness.


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