October 31, 2020

Tanner Family Health Care closes Franklin office once again

Tanner Family Healthcare, which is located at 2906 Franklin Parkway, has once again been shut down temporarily while Dr. Philip McGhee is out on medical leave.

A spokesperson for Tanner Health Systems, Debbie Hollenstein, said today that it is unclear when the office will re-open. This is the second time the practice has been closed in the last few months.

The office was closed for about a month beginning on December 18, 2011 and re-opened on January 18 of this year.

According to Hollenstein, the practice’s staff is contacting patients who have scheduled appointments, and is working to identify other healthcare professionals who can provide care while Philip McGhee, MD, is on medical leave.

She also stated that Tanner Medical Group is assembling a panel of member physicians who will be making appointments available to all of Dr. McGhee’s patients to ensure continuity of care.

Patients may have their medical records transferred to another provider, get a complete list of participating Tanner Medical Group providers or receive additional information by calling Tanner Family Healthcare of Franklin at (706)675-6949.

For those patients who need to acquire treatment locally, the Franklin Primary Health Care Clinic is located at 1236 Franklin Parkway near Heard High School.

We spoke with representatives of the clinic today and were told they are accepting new patients. The clinic offers all types of general family healthcare and is serviced by two certified family nurse practitioners, Cherry Toney and Ann Hastings.

While all services are rendered by the two practitioners they do work under the supervision of a clinical preceptor/medical director, Dr. Leslie Cottrell MD of Carrollton.

They accept patients by appointment and can be reached at (706)675-8669. The office hours for the clinic are Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


  1. They need to just get a doctor that dont need a doctor to take his place permanently!

  2. heardcountyidiot says

    If this doctors office is not a shame to this county i have no idea what is!!!!!!!!! I am very curious to find out what if any tax dollars was spent on this joke? County,state, federal? I will tell you this for a fact the hiring practices there were not done as supposedly “tanner health care system” says they hire on. But thats not any new news! I implore this county and our newspapers to advertise and see if there is a good family practitioner that would love to have a home in this county!!!!!!!!!!! But we all know that this would disrupt the “old buddy” system that we have in place!!

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