October 23, 2020

Tanner Family Healthcare of Franklin Shuts Down

Patients of Tanner Family Healthcare of Franklin were surprised this week to find out that the doctor’s office, located at 2906 Franklin Parkway, has been closed down at least temporarily.

Debbie Hollenstein, a hospital spokesperson for Tanner Health System issued a statement today which stated the office is closed temporarily while Dr. Philip McGhee, MD is recuperating from surgery.

She also stated that as of this time no re-opening date has been determined. The practice, which closed its doors on Friday December 16, was the home to Heard County’s only licensed practicing medical doctor.

The Heard Citizen was first alerted of the situation earlier this week when several patients reported getting only a busy signal when they called the office via telephone.

A sign was posted on the door of the facility alerting patients that the facility was no longer able to provide medical care, prescription drugs, or refills due to the inability to find a replacement for Dr. McGhee during his absence.

The sign also alerted patients to seek an appointment with another physician. The statement issued by Hollenstein stated that for those needing medical records they should call (706)675-6949 and leave their name and number.

She also stated that patients seeking interim care from another Tanner physician could call (770)214-CARE or visit www.tanner.org for an online referral.

For those patients who wish to acquire treatment locally, another option is the Franklin Primary Health Care Clinic located at 1236 Franklin Parkway near the high school.

We spoke with representatives of the clinic today and were told they are accepting new patients. The clinic offers all types of general family healthcare and is serviced by two certified family nurse practitioners, Cherry Toney and Ann Hastings.

While all services are rendered by the two practitioners they do work under the supervision of a clinical preceptor/medical director, Dr. Leslie Cottrell MD of Carrollton.

They accept patients by appointment and can be reached at (706)675-8669. The office hours for the clinic are Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


  1. Patricia W. Ridley says

    I LOVE both Cherry and Ann. They are WONDERFUL and I have missed them terribly since I moved away from Franklin. They are highly capable and caring.

  2. I feel the Carrollton office that was over this office really should have warned ppl of a impending closure
    I love Dr Mcghee and wish him well …but they had been seeing patients and calling in refills for patients a little over a month before they closed , but didnt feel the need to give the patients time to find another doctor. alot of these ppl are are on very important meds. insulin, blood pressure ,heart
    according to Carrollton they couldnt find a replacement for Dr Mcghee ….. way to go Tanner

  3. They can stay closed. Terrible, terrible, terrible operation. I believe the only reason they stayed open as long as they did was because Franklin Clinic does not take certain types of insurance like Humana.

  4. This was very poor management on behalf of The Tanner Medical Group. They should have had a plan in place for a situation of this type. This was pretty much a case of patient abandonment. My husband has been out of some of his medications ever since 12/16. Guess what? His appointment was 12/16/2011 for a regular visit to has his refill prescriptions perscribed, but they closed the doors the day before without notice! Even had to make a trip to the ER that very night and again on Monday. Also on Monday, called EVERY doctors office that accepted our insurance and either they did not have any appointments available, did not take new patients or did not take pain med patients. WOW–Now cant even seem to get Dr. McGhees staff to fax his records over to the pain management clinic for him to be seen! So I guess that some one who is in need of a Liver Transplant can just go with out their medications, right Tanner?????? By the way I truley hope Dr. McGhee gets better soon and I hope he is able to get his medicine!

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