October 20, 2020

Franklin Mayor Teresa Chapman in Heard County Jail

After surrendering to Heard County authorities Tuesday morning, Franklin Mayor Teresa Chapman is currently being held at the Heard County jail on a $20,000 bond. She is facing several felony charges involving the American Family Life Assurance Company (AFLAC).

A grand jury handed down an indictment in Heard County Superior Court Monday which charges (on behalf of the Citizens of the State of Georgia) Chapman with one felony count of Theft by Deception (O.C.G.A. 16-8-3) and nine felony counts of Identity Fraud (O.C.G.A. 16-9-121).

The theft by deception charge alleges that Chapman unlawfully  obtained by deceitful means United States currency in excess of $500.00 from AFLAC.

The nine counts of identity fraud allege that Chapman, without authorization and consent, willfully and fraudulently used the name of several people along with their identifying information on insurance applications  to AFLAC so that she could receive advanced commissions that were deposited into her bank account.

City of Franklin Mayor Teresa Chapman

Those named as victims of the fraud charges in the indictment were Roy Jennings, Brenda Jennings, Galen Phillips, Cassandra Rogers, Rita Spurlin, Rebecca Thrower, Sabrina Dalquist, Brandie Bryant, and Franklin Police Officer Gary Morgan.

Franklin Police Chief Kevin Hannah’s name also appeared on the witness list but he stated in a phone interview Tuesday morning that he was only called as a witness because he was Morgan’s supervisor at the police department.

Mayor Chapman was also reached via phone Tuesday morning prior to her arrest. “I would not like to comment at this time before speaking further with my attorney,” stated the Mayor.

Chapman has served as the Mayor of the City of Franklin since defeating incumbent Mayor Brad Yates in the 2009 city election. Stay tuned to the Heard Citizen for further details and updates on this case. The district attorney prosecuting the case is Peter Skandalakis of the Coweta Judicial Circuit.


  1. Patricia Bailey says

    Oh My!

  2. Really!?! $20,000!? If it had been anyone else, bail would have been set so high, it would have been virtually unattainable!


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