January 23, 2022

Letter To The Editor: Our water is worth protecting

To Whom It May Concern: Growing up near Centralhatchee, Plant Wansley’s stacks were a familiar part of the landscape. It didn’t occur to me to wonder about the coal ash stored there until I moved to middle Georgia and witnessed the nearby town of Juliette’s battle against contamination in local residents’ wells. Last year Juliette residents sued because … [Read more...]

Sonny Perdue discusses importance of rural broadband in Georgia

Amid a Pandemic, Deploying Rural Broadband in Georgia is More Important Than Ever Written By U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue Access to high-speed broadband internet is not simply nice to have, it is a necessity in the 21st century. Investing in the expansion of rural broadband is as vital as the rural electric and telephone networks were … [Read more...]

Letter To The Editor: Thank you from the family of Linda Smith

Dear Editor: The family of Mrs. Linda Smith would like to extend their deepest gratitude to those among the community who helped us navigate the first of many days of grief. Mrs. Katy Stutts Hannah and the staff of Stutts Funeral Home did such a great job. They were so kind and helpful. Mark and Shelia Shelnutt were a source of comfort for our family as … [Read more...]

Letter To The Editor: A kind and humble Christian man

Dear Editor: I remember Mr. Jack Brazeal as a very kind and humble Christian man. When I worked for the water authority as water plant manager he called several times and without complaining said that his water just did not taste right. It was always a pleasure riding up to Mr. and Mrs. Brazeal’s house. I always felt right at home as soon as I got there … [Read more...]

Letter To The Editor: A message of thanks

A Personal Message of Thank You: When I left work last Friday, the weekend ahead included the threat of approaching severe weather. The Heard County EMA, 911, Sheriff and Public Works were all prepared and ready to respond. In my statement posted Friday on Heard Citizen, I called for prayers of God's protection over our County when the storms arrived. I … [Read more...]

Letter To The Editor: Internet Access in Heard County

To Heard County Citizens: Internet access is certainly on the mind of many Heard County residents. Here are a few of the issues we face over this. The primary issue is supply and demand just like any other commodity. Fiber Optic cable is expensive to install and being Heard county is so rural, the cost to install it cannot be recovered based on current … [Read more...]

Letter To The Editor: Time Well Spent

To the Senior students: I can't tell you what it’s like to have my senior prom taken away at the last minute. I can't tell you what it feels like to hear that my graduation has been postponed indefinitely… potentially cancelled altogether. I can, however, tell you what it’s like to face adversity. I can tell you what it’s like to question every single … [Read more...]

Letter To the Editor: “They need help”

Dear Editor: Last week when I went to the store for my essentials run, I witnessed something that I feel should be addressed. I was in the check out line and the cashier was working as fast and as hard as he could to ring people up. Then I heard it: “They need help.” I cant even convey the tone it was said in through typed word. I have worked retail (not … [Read more...]

BRAKING MUSE: Newly identified virus causing a ‘Big Stir’

(Heard County, GA) -- Local wellness professionals and government officials are concerned that a gross misunderstanding of a new ordinance by some residents may have led to a weekend outbreak of a new virus in western Heard County. While the new virus appears to be a sexually transmitted disease that only affects middle-aged married men, officials say they … [Read more...]

A COVID-19 message from Chairman Lee Boone

TO THE CITIZENS OF HEARD COUNTY: First, I hope all of you are doing as well as can be expected with what is going on. I know most of you have read or heard about the order from the Heard County Board of Health (whom I am Vice Chairman of) that went into effect March 28, 2020 at 12:01 am. If you have not read it, please take the time to do so. As of the … [Read more...]