May 15, 2021

Chairman Boone issues update on waste collection

(Franklin, GA) — Heard County Board of Commissioners Chairman Lee Boone released a statement to the Heard Citizen Tuesday afternoon regarding delays in trash pickup over the past few weeks at the county convenience center locations that has occasionally resulted in some overflow issues.

The Chairman says the county is working hard to resolve the third party issues and asks that the convenience center patrons please be patient as the issues are being addressed as soon as possible.

Read his complete statement below:

To the Citizens of Heard County,

As many of you know , the County has experienced problems at the convenience centers regarding the dumpsters not being emptied, causing the attendant to have to turn people away.

Heard County is under a contract with C&C Sanitation Services, which requires C&C to dump each convenience center two times per week. The roll off containers for cardboard, furniture, building supplies and metal are dumped on an as needed basis.

The service was being performed on schedule until the week after Memorial Day. C&C was contacted and they advised us that they had four drivers quit without notice in a two week period, and one truck was out of service for major mechanical issues.

We did acknowledge to C&C that these circumstances would compromise their operation although it was not Heard County’s problem.

C&C assured us that they were aggressively recruiting replacement drivers to fill the vacant positions, to resume the same level of service they had been providing the previous 12 months. We have remained in daily contact with the General Manager to keep apprised of their status.

After a couple of weeks of status reports and experience, the date of permanent resolution to this problem was still unanswered. We have since reached out to other service providers in the surrounding area and only one company has expressed any interest in providing us a quote to service our convenience centers. We are still waiting to receive the proposal.

Terminating a contract for essential services without having another service lined up to immediately handle solid waste disposal would be a disaster. This office realizes that this is a serious issue that is being addressed, and we are doing all we can to resolve it.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and appreciate your patience while we are making every effort to resolve this problem.

Lee Boone, Chairman  


  1. Glenda L Terry says

    Will Lee Boone please call other dumps in the near by counties and ask them if they will allow citizens of Heard County who have valid Heard County permits to drop off their trash when our bins and full? And will Lee Boone also make sure that public notices are issued every trash day if the bins are available or people are being turned away? Many of us use our cars to haul trash to the dump and at this time they stink and are often infested with flies or ants. We can’t be running all around the county looking for a bin.

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