December 8, 2021

Chairman Boone: Surplus auction yields big returns for Heard County

(Press release from Heard County Commissioner’s Office)

(Franklin, GA) — In April 2013, Chairman Lee Boone registered Heard County with the Federal Surplus Program, enabling the County to request Federal Surplus Property to be donated to the County as a qualified Government recipient.

The Georgia Department of Administrative Services was used as the liaison between the Federal Surplus Program and the qualified Government Agencies in the State of Georgia.

An administrative fee was charged by the State Department of Administrative Services for each item awarded to help fund their program. The calculated fee was a small percentage of the actual acquisition cost of the item when it was purchased new.

Over the past 8 years, Chairman Boone has received both praise and criticism from Commissioners and citizens regarding the surplus items that were acquired.

In the 2016 and 2020 elections, the criticism of wasting taxpayer money on Surplus equipment was touted against him by opposing candidates and certain citizens.

Chairman Boone found himself defending his decision to take advantage of the Surplus program by making a small investment in equipment that he knew would yield a much greater return when sold at an auction.

“I saw an opportunity to take advantage of a program that is only available to qualified Government Agencies, to acquire equipment that a small populated County like ours with limited resources could have never afforded to purchase new,” stated Boone.

“I knew that if I could acquire enough items, we could keep what we needed, sell the rest and pay for everything resulting in zero costs to the taxpayers. The July 31st auction far exceeded those expectations. The final payment after commission to Heard County from Greene Auction Company was $336,451.50. That amount was approximately $150,000.00 over total expenditures the past eight years. Heard County did however retain approximately $850,000.00 worth of much needed tools and equipment ending in zero cost to the taxpayers. In summary, Heard County added a combined $1 million in assets to our financial profile after the July 31st auction was concluded.”

I would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank You” to Greene Auction Company and all the bidders who participated in the auction. I also want to commend all the County employees who worked long hours in the organization and transition of all the items to the Arena, and all who assisted buyers in loading their items,” added Boone.

“This auction was a tremendous success because of all the hard work that was done to prepare for the largest and best auction ever held in Heard County!”


  1. Great job Chairman Boone!

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