December 6, 2021

City of Franklin Presents Service Award

(Franklin/Times-Journal) — The Mayor and Council of the City of Franklin, Georgia, met in regular session Thursday, October 4, 2018 at City Hall at 6:30 p.m.

All council members were in attendance except Cynthia Putzek, who was away on a business trip.

Mayor Rogers began the meeting by welcoming everyone in attendance. Councilmember Almond gave the invocation and lead the pledge to the flag.

Alan Holcomb receives a 31-year service award from Mayor Joel Rogers (Photo: Debbie O’Neal)

Mayor Rogers and council members presented Alan Holcomb, Street Department Maintenance Supervisor, with a plaque in appreciation of his 31 years of loyal and dedicated service with the City.

The minutes were approved as written for the September 6, 2018 meeting.

City Clerk Karen Boyd gave the Financial report through September 2018 by stating, “All accounts have been reconciled to the bank. General fund revenues exceeded expenses by $2,648 in September. Year-to-date, revenues are exceeding expenses by $1,687. Sales tax increased $2,322 from last month and $4,705 from last year, making it the highest September LOST in three years.  SPLOST increased $4,665 from last month and $1,751 from last year, making it the highest August SPLOST in at least five years. City reserve funds are doing well. The City CD has earned $566 in interest in the last 12 months ending September 15th. The reserve fund has earned interest of $217 since March. Property taxes are on schedule to be mailed out in the next few weeks. Business license renewals will be going out this month as well.”

Chief Kevin Hannah updated the Council on the highlights the police department participated in through September.

Hannah stated, “We have been working with the school system and public safety agencies since the start of the school year, conducting different types of drills throughout the entire county. Knowing if we had an emergency out of our community we would respond to the schools regardless if it was in Centralhatchee, Ephesus or how far out it would be. It would take multi agent response for that so we have been working with them doing some safety drills. Also, we have 3 officers in our department that participate in mentor program. Hannah invited all to come out and participate in the 10th Annual Trunk or Treat coming up on Wednesday, October 31 at the Arena. Hannah said, it’s hard to believe that the first-year Trunk or Treat started on the square in front of the Police Department with a firetruck, Sheriff Department and an ambulance and has grown to what it is today! The goal was to keep children safe and from knocking on stranger’s doors and off the streets in areas not well lit, and to bring the community together as a whole. This is one of our favorite events and I hope everyone will join us.”

Attorney David Mecklin updated the council with a brief follow up on the question from the last meeting “If the manufactured home park was donated to the city?”

Mecklin stated, “I have been in touch with DNR (Department of Natural Resources) and have a couple of leads on grants and other funding that may help in the removal of the asbestos on the property. I will file an answer on that by the next meeting.”

Under New Business the council discussed a rate increase for trash pick to start in January 2019. The council decided to do more research on the cost that the city is paying for trash removal and will make a decision on the increase at the next meeting.

The council approved the ORI (Originating Agency Identifier) policy for the city. The policy provides the city with a ORI number which allows the city to do a background check and fingerprint on non-criminals that apply for an alcohol license.

Council discussed 2019 Budget and Health Insurance renewal. A decision was made to hold a workshop before deciding on the items.

The council reappointed Kay Timmons and Jim Kuchenbaker for the five-year term to the Franklin Housing Authority Board.

There was no public comments. Council entered executive session to discuss personnel. The meeting was adjourned.

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