October 25, 2020

Confederate Memorial Day Ceremony cancelled

(Franklin, GA) — The Confederate Memorial Day Ceremony planned for Saturday, April 21, 2018, on the square in downtown Franklin, has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.


  1. John Roberts says

    Unforeseen circumstances? Okay, When is it going to be rescheduled?

  2. Robert Montgomery says

    Can we cancel ww2 also? I am German!

  3. I would suspect that someone complained, wonder who?

  4. Alice Wells says

    Things have really gotten out of hand. When is going to STOP! SOON they Wil

    Cancel Christmas, Easter, 4th of July

  5. Who cancelled it? Why? What is the rescheduled date?

  6. Confederate Memorial Day should happen, and this is why. All the men of the confederacy were veterans who fought for their country. I am a 22 year veteran of the Army. I was born up north and was raised to respect ALL veterans, no matter who or where they came from they all fought for this country. For their personal reasons of family and home. The politicians decide and send us to war, the soldier goes without a second thought due to his belief in GOD, COUNTRY and FAMILY. We are free Americans and would not be who we are as a country without ALL veterans who sacrificed for this great nation. Lately in this country we have been taking down confederate monuments for varied reasons. When will we stop and think about how we are erasing history of the honorable veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice. If we don’t remember to continue to honor these veterans, we will repeat our mistakes and keep sending are young to new wars in faraway lands.

  7. Melissa Thaxton says

    What are the ” unforeseen circumstances “? You have to have a reason. I’m a citizen of the great State of Georgia, and I demand a answer to my question.

  8. WHAT??? I took vacation time, rented my hotel room for a family vacation to come and spend money and now this!!!🤬

  9. Mitchell freeman says


  10. Stand up now or lose again

  11. Franklin City Council; I too am curious what the “unforeseen circumstances” are. Another cheap PC cop out I’m assuming.
    Registered voters; make your voice heard at the ballot box.

  12. Steve Thompson says

    I noticed that the Fourth of July is also gone … replaced by “Summerfest”, whatever that means (when did we stop celebrating our Independence and start celebrating seasons?). How soon before the Christmas parade is cancelled “do to unforeseen circumstances” … or will it just be changed to winterfest? Will you destroy all of our culture, history and legacy? No wonder we have a generation of kids who know no history.

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