November 29, 2020

Crash Victim Update

Dana Moody of Franklin is currently in ICU at Atlanta Medical Center following the two-car crash which took place last week on GA HWY 34 West towards Roanoke.

We spoke with her son, Robert Moody,  Sunday night and he told us that she is doing ok despite some severe injuries.

According to Robert, his mom has breaks in both bones of her left arm, a broken right forearm, open breaks in her left femur and right ankle, and a laceration of her left knee.

He reports that her memory is good and she has been able to resume some of her normal personal activities such as brushing her teeth, eating, and checking her phone messages. He also added that the family was very thankful for all the prayers and concern shown by so many people.

The accident occurred at approximately 7:20 a.m. on Georgia Highway 34 west of Franklin near Woodbine circle Wednesday morning.

Local Woman Faces Several Charges After Early Morning Crash



  1. I am glad to hear that Ms. Moody is doing ok. I’m sure her recovery will be lengthy, but hopefully she will be able to recover fully. Our prayers will continue for her, her family and everyone involved. I would still like to hear an up date on the child involved in the other vehicle. Is he ok?

    • Robert Moody says

      She just called me and she is fine and out of ICU! She said they are talking about moving her to Warm Springs soon so it’s a good sign. And Mrs.Karen, I have heard that the boy in the other car has a broken jaw and knocked all teeth out but that is all i’ve heard.

    • I have known Anitra since we were kids. Very shocked to hear about this! Nick had to have his jaw wired shut. he’s a real trooper. he’s doing good. he’s up playing & back in school.

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