January 26, 2022

David Walls discusses platform for District 5 Commissioner Race

(Franklin, GA) — David Walls hopes to replace Joe Adams as the District 5 representative on the Heard County Board of Commissioners in 2019. Walls formally announced his candidacy for the office after qualifying in March. Adams is not seeking re-election and will vacate the office at the end of 2018.

Walls, a 63-year-old retired 30-plus year employee of Kimberly Clark says he has several goals for the county and specifically his own district that he wants to address if elected.

Some of these goals include positive growth, community cooperation, more activities for the youth, and a more creative use of our local natural resources.

District 5 BOC candidate Mr. David Walls

Walls is a husband, father, and grandfather that has resided in the fifth district since 1979.

He traces his families’ roots even farther back to the Roosterville community where his father and grandparents were raised. His wife Lynn is also native to the community.

The first time candidate, a conservative Republican, recently sat down with the Heard Citizen for a one-on-one interview to discuss both his short and long-term goals if elected on May 22.

“One of my biggest goals as a district commissioner will be hearing from our citizens and trying to address those concerns that each individual may have,” says Walls.

“In a county of our size, we the citizens can have a major effect on what we are doing — if we can get the voices heard. Getting those voices heard and getting that input seems to be one of our stumbling blocks.”

Walls says he would like to see the county and especially his own district holding town hall meetings to promote ideas on a regular basis and not just when a problem arises. He says three things are at the forefront of his campaign platform.

“There are three main concerns I have heard voiced during the early part of my campaign and I think each of these are equally important. These three things are internet service, roads, and more varied activities for the county’s youth. All the kids are doing now is riding around and that is just not good in the long-term. We’ve got more remote places in Georgia that have better internet service than we do now, and we need to come up with better planning for our roads.”

He states that many of his friends and family were shocked that he decided to run for office but are supporting him every step of the way.

“It does not — or at least has not in the past — fit my character to run for political office, but after having a few concerns on some issues in the county I began to get more involved and eventually considered the idea. Once Joe decided not to run again, the light switch turned on for me and I realized this was my chance to see what I can do” adds Walls. “I am banking on the support of the people that know me well and intimately. I am hoping they can help me spread the word about my goals and ideas.”

Walls wants to see the community build on what the local school systems are already doing.

“Our Heard County schools are an excellent example of what we can do in our community. I want to see us build on that and bring some of their forward-thinking programs and structure to our county government. If you look at our school programs — the community support, the county support, and the family support — that same type of support and pride needs to be generated throughout the rest of our county.”

The candidate says the area near the river at the site of the old recreation department is just one example where improvements can be made.

“This area is an excellent clean slate for us. We need to promote what’s already there like the skate park and we do need to consider adding new camping facilities for the kayakers, fisherman, and boaters,” Walls said. “With a little creativity and the right group of people working together — we can create an excellent place for people to come and a place where they will want to come. Word of mouth is the most powerful tool you can have. If we can get some positive things here word will spread fast, but we still have to do it smartly and use common sense.”

“The board has already opened up a little bit about the covered arena over the last few years and it is getting more use than ever before. We need to focus on what we can do and not so much on what we can’t do — that’s the first step,” stated Walls during the interview.

He says keeping one of our most noteworthy natural resources healthy and vibrant is also very important to any future plan at the old recreation area.

“The cleaner that the Chattahoochee River is the more success we are going to have down here.”

Walls also believes compromises will need to be made to spur positive and what he feels is necessary growth in the county.

“What’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong but I’m also about compromise. We should be able to find some middle ground where we can appease the majority of the people — you’re never going to make all the people happy all the time, but if you can help the majority then you’re on to something.”

If elected, Walls plans to spend a lot of time getting to know the other board members and the directions they would like to see the county moving towards in the future.

“If we don’t see growth soon at least to some extent in Heard County — then we are going to see this area shrivel up and die. I don’t want to see that happen — but on the other side I also don’t want to see us growing irresponsibly to the point of things getting out of control and our county becoming a cesspool like the big cities.”

Election Day is May 22 and early voting continues all this week at the Heard Health Center at 1191 Franklin Parkway.


  1. Mike Roberts says

    Sounds like he has a plan. I’d also like to see us work on our water/sewage infrastructure in the county. My fear is that one day we will not have a coal-powered power plant in our community which provides us a lot of SPLOST dollars for projects. Some reservoirs, pipes, sewage, etc would go a long way for allowing growth of both residences and industry. We need to use our SPLOST dollars to lay a ground work for future generations to build upon while we still have a major revenue source to draw from.

    • A coal powered power plant in Heard county also helps reduce our property tax as well as they pay a LARGE portion in tax and that keeps ours low

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