November 27, 2021

ELECTION RESULTS: Voters ‘Paint The Town Red’ in Heard County

(Franklin, GA) — Republicans candidates dominated the Heard County mid-term elections Tuesday after a large voter turnout.

Remarkably, despite the absence of any contested county races 4061(60.81%) of the 6678 registered voters made their way to the polls either on election day or during early voting for the past few weeks.

By contrast, only about 2500 locals voted during the last midterm general election in 2014.

In one of the most highly publicized races in the nation, Heard County voters overwhelmingly chose Republican Brian Kemp (83.19%) as the next Georgia Governor over Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams (16.14%).

A small number of voters (0.67%) cast their vote for Libertarian candidate Ted Metz.

Statewide, Kemp holds a slim lead over Abrams with 50.42% of the votes but as of early this morning Abrams (48.64%) has not conceded. Kemp must maintain over 50% in order to avoid a rare gubernatorial runoff on December 4. 99% of the precincts in the state have been reported.

In Heard County, Republicans dominated all the major results in state and national congressional races.

See other notable Heard County results below or visit the Georgia Secretary of State’s website for complete results in all races.


Brian Kemp (R) — 3370

Stacey Abrams (D)  — 654

Ted Metz (L) — 27


Geoff Duncan (R) — 3234

Sarah Riggs Amico (D) — 658


Brad Raffensberger — 3230

John Barrow — 691

Smythe Duval — 54


Drew Ferguson (R) — 3305

Chuck Enderlin (D) — 664


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