November 27, 2021

FHA Yard of the Month Winner (July)

Yard of the Month winner Ms. Faye Bowen (L) with FHA Commissioner Kay Timmons (R)

(Franklin, GA) — Franklin Housing Authority has recently announced a yard of the month contest for its residents to reward those residents who have taken the initiative to beautify their yards.

Ms. Faye Bowen was awarded the first prize of the summer for the month of July.

Ms. Bowen has planted flowers and plants all along the foundation of her apartment building, has placed solar lights and decorations and mulch in the planting areas. She has been keeping these planting areas weeded herself.

On July 2, 2018 Franklin Housing Authority Commissioner Kay Timmons visited with Ms. Bowen to make the award and presented her with a gift certificate to help with the cost of plants and supplies.

Ms. Timmons thanked Ms. Bowen for taking such good care of both her apartment and her yard, saying “it is residents like Ms. Bowen that make our apartment communities a great place to live.”

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