October 21, 2020

Final list of qualified Heard County Election candidates

(Franklin, GA) — Qualifying for the 2020 Heard County Elections began on Monday at the Heard County Courthouse and concluded today at 12:00 PM. 

The Board of Elections & Registration has issued the following list of Heard County candidates officially qualified for the upcoming General Primary.

There are a total of four candidates that qualified for non partisan positions and 14 candidates that qualified in the Republican Party.

There were zero candidates that qualified in the Democratic Party. The General Primary Election Day will be on May 19, 2020.

Heard County Commission Chair

Lee Boone (R) (Incumbent)

Keri Denney (R)

County Commissioner, District 1

Larry Hooks (R) (Incumbent)

Matt Dean (R)

County Commissioner, District 2 (Special)

Julie Akers (R)

Ken Lawler (R)

James Perry (R)

County Commissioner, District 3

Gwen Caldwell (R) (Incumbent)

Clerk of Superior Court

Tammie Teal (R) (Incumbent)


Kathie Buchanan (R) (Incumbent)

Judge of Probate Court (NP)

Joseph P. Bledsoe (Incumbent)


Ross Henry (R) (Incumbent)

Tax Commissioner

Dianne Watson (R) (Incumbent)

Amanda Bailey (R)

Chief Magistrate

Brenda Jennings (R) (Incumbent)

Board of Education, District 2 (NP)

Mike Crockett (Incumbent)

Board of Education, District 4 (NP)

Greg Holcomb (Incumbent)

Sammy Marsh

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