October 22, 2020

Fitz-Simons resigns, search underway for new basketball coach

(Franklin, GA) — The search is underway at Heard County High School for a new head basketball coach after the surprising resignation of coach Paul Fitz-Simons last week.

Fitz-Simons stepped down after being offered a non-coaching administrative job as assistant principal at Carrollton High School.

Paul Fitz-Simons resigned early last week

Paul Fitz-Simons resigned early last week

The first-year head coach that led the Braves to a 13-13 record in his first season says the decision to leave Heard was a difficult one.

Fitz says his decision was not just about him.

“You know this is not something that I was searching for and the offer came to me. I am going to miss coaching and I will miss the relationships that you get with coaching,” says Fitz-Simons.

“I am at a time in my life when my wife is not working and we just had our third child — the opportunity to get that pay bump just made it something I had to do.”

Fitz say the decision to take the higher paying position should have been an easy one but was not.

“It should not have been a hard decision but it really was just because of Heard County and because of what kind of school Heard County is and the people that work there, the administrators that we had. The kids are so invested and I know the timing stinks,” says Fitz-Simons.

“The next three years for Heard County basketball is going to be extremely fun to watch. This decision wasn’t about Paul Fitz-Simons — if was about Paul Fitz-Simons I would still be at Heard County right now but it’s about these three little girls that I have to provide for.”

HHS athletic director Shane Lasseter says the school is being careful in its search for applicants and does not want to make a hasty decision despite needing a coach soon. Lasseter has already received numerous applications for the position.

“We are searching quickly because it is bad timing, but we’re not going to be hiring somebody just to be hiring somebody,” Lasseter said.

“We’re going to try to take our time if we can, but to find the right fit and find the right person. We’re just looking for a chance to do, with everything we do, we’re just looking for a chance to get better and improve.”

Assistant coach Jamorris Wyatt will take over the varsity responsibilities for the time being until a hire is made. Summer ball is already in progress.

“We’re going to make sure these kids play every game that was already scheduled. We don’t want to cut them short and we don’t want to cut the program short and we don’t want to cut whoever gets the job short,” Lasseter says. “Everybody else is playing, so we’ve got to make sure that we’re doing the same.”

The Braves return all five starters with depth behind that group.

“Every piece of the puzzle is returning. A large majority of these basketball kids are going

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