May 18, 2021

Five gang members charged in shooting death of 14-year-old

(Grantville, GA) — Five people have now been arrested on murder charges following a Grantville home invasion that claimed the life of a  teenage girl on February 11.

Reports indicate the victim, 14-year-old Haley Adams, found a place to hide that day when four people stormed into her home on Bethlehem Church Road and restrained her mother. The group was looking for the owner of the home who was not present at the time.

Adams came out of hiding minutes after the four returned to their vehicle, and she was shot when she went to the front door holding a BB gun, even though she never fired any pellets.

“One of the four offenders fired multiple rounds, striking Haley, which caused her paralysis then death,” investigators said.

Haley Adams (Photo: 11 Alive News)

The young girl had moved in with her mother about a week before the incident after moving from her grandparents’ home in Macon.

A person of interest, William “Billy” Tyree, a 32-year-old with suspected ties to the ‘Ghost Face Gangsters’ was picked up days later in Polk County on a probation violation charge.

Authorities have confirmed Tyree is the homeowner’s stepbrother, though it’s unclear exactly what the suspects were looking for when they entered the house.

Tyree and four other alleged members of the ‘Ghost Face Gangsters’ are now facing murder charges in the case.

Kyle Conley, 36, Justin Ramsey, 20, Spencer Wix, 27, and Aubrie Brown, 26 will likely face additional charges.

The Ghost Face Gangsters is one of the nearly 100 white supremacist prison gangs operating in the U.S. The group originated in California in the 1970’s, but a founding member started the Georgia group in 1998.

Tyree, Conley and Wix are being held without bond in the Coweta County Jail. Ramsey and Brown are in custody in Chattanooga as they await extradition to Georgia.


  1. Allen Curtis says

    Despicable beings. They don’t deserve to be called human.

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