November 27, 2021

FPD Lt. Brooks receives 20-year service award

Franklin Police Chief Hannah (R) presents Lt. Sammarintino Brooks with a plaque commemorating his 20 years of dedicated service  (Back L-R): Bo Almond, Kevin Hayes, Mayor Joel Rogers, Cliff Jiles, and Alane Bradfield (Photo: Debbie O’Neal/Times-Journal)

(Franklin/Times-Journal) — The Mayor and Council of the City of Franklin, Georgia, met in regular session Thursday, September 6, 2018 at City Hall at 6:30 p.m.

All council members were in attendance except councilmember Cynthia Putzek, she was away on business trip.

The meeting opened with a public hearing on the tax increase to be adopted by the Mayor and council members after the hearing was held. There were no public comments and the public hearing was closed.

Mayor Rogers began the meeting by welcoming everyone in attendance. Councilmember Almond gave the invocation and led the pledge to the flag. Minutes were approved as written for the August 2, 2018 meeting.

The agenda was amended by Councilman Jiles to discuss the paving and striping of the square.

Councilman Jiles asked Attorney David Mecklin if he had checked into seeing if it would be legal for the city to pay Freddy Kitchens from South Georgia Paving for the materials used on the Franklin Parkway paving mistake.

Attorney David Mecklin stated, “I don’t think it would be legal because the city didn’t put it out for bid. To pay someone for work, the city did not ask for, the city would have no legal obligation to do so.”

Councilman Jiles stated, “We have a road that was better than what it was and we were going to have to have it done. Just for the man’s materials would have been cheaper than what it would have costed to have it paved.”

Attorney David Mecklin stated, “I think there would be a way to pay him if the council chooses to do so by entering into a contract with him if you are interested in paying him but the city is not obligated.”

Councilman Jiles stated, “Why couldn’t we have said that two meetings ago. He just wants the money for the materials which we were going to have to spend way more money than it would cost for his materials to have that road paved. That would save us money on the stuff that we have been going to pave, ever how many years that we haven’t. Looks like that would save us money on getting the square done.”

Attorney David Mecklin stated, “If the council makes the policy decision to move forward with paying him I will come up with a way to justify it. I don’t want to spend the city’s money researching the question when I don’t know what they want to do yet.”

Councilman Jiles stated, “I did want to add the paving on the square to the agenda.”

No other councilmembers commented on paying for the materials.

City Clerk Karen Boyd gave the Financial report through August 2018 by stating, “All accounts have been reconciled to the bank. General fund expenses exceeded revenues by $25,979 in August. Year-to-date, expenses are now exceeding revenues by $993. Sales tax increased $9,613 from last month and $2,358 from last year, making it the highest August LOST in six years. SPLOST increased $6,610 from last month and $490 from last year, making it the highest July SPLOST in four years.”

City of Franklin Police Chief Hannah presented Lt. Sammarintino Brooks with a plaque in honor of his 20 years of loyal and dedicated service to Law Enforcement and the City of Franklin. Lt. Brooks began his career with the City of Franklin Police Department on August 31, 1998.

Chief Hannah stated, “Lt. Brooks has been dedicated to Law Enforcement and the City of Franklin. He never hesitates. He’s one of those people you can call if someone’s out sick, you have a vacant shift or you need somebody to cover for whatever reason. He never hesitates to step up most of the time you don’t even have to ask. He’s the first to step up! We’ve got a great team and we’re proud of our team! I just want to thank him for all he’s done for the City of Franklin. He’s been an investigator with the department, a FTO (field training officer) for the department and has over 2200 hours of P.O.S.T. (Peace Operations Specialized Training) credits in certification.”

Chief Hannah discussed with the councilmembers the bids he had sent out and received for the annual purchase of a police vehicle.

Hannah said he had sent out four request for bids and the only one that had responded was the dealership Akins Ford Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM with a bid of $24,457. Council approved a motion to give authorization to Chief Hannah to purchase the new police vehicle at that cost.

The Mayor and City Council adopted a millage rate which will require an increase in property taxes by .68 percent. The millage rate was set at 3.405 mills, an increase of .023 mills. The tax increase for a home with a fair market value of $50,000 is approximately $.46 cents and the tax increase for non-homestead property with a fair market value of $100,000 is approximately $.92 cents.

The council members discussed the paving and stripping of the square. Councilman Jiles said he would get some information to the mayor and have a contractor call him.

Councilman Hayes said he would send all council members an email of a bid that he had received recently for the paving of the square. Councilman Almond suggested the square be paved with asphalt.

All council members agreed that the square needs to be done and that they all wanted it to be done right. Mayor Rogers said he would check into all the information and then they can move forward.

The council members approved a motion to appoint Shane Lasseter to the zoning board.

Council went into executive session to discuss personal and litigation. The meeting was adjourned.


  1. Congratulations Lt. Brooks time as gone by really fast. I hope you can give another twenty.

  2. Stacey Holden says

    I am new to town but I have to say that Chief Hannah called me about a problem at Franklin Manor Apartments.. he was so nice!! Thank you so much for caring about new citizens and their happiness… May God bless you..

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