October 31, 2020

Franklin City Council March Meeting

Demolition has begun at the site of the new City Hall in Franklin

Demolition has begun at the site of the new City Hall in Franklin

(Franklin) — The City of Franklin held its monthly meeting on March 5, 2015 at City Hall.

Mayor Joel Rogers called the meeting to order. All council members were in attendance. Councilman Bo Almond gave the Invocation and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

The Council approved the minutes of the February 5 meeting.

City Clerk Myra Braswell gave the financial report. Braswell reported revenues exceeded expenditures for the month due to sales tax rising. She went on to say last month’s sales tax was the lowest it had been in 10 years but that this month sales tax was the highest it had been in ten years.

All business licenses have been renewed and approximately 90% of all property taxes have been paid.

Franklin Police Chief Kevin Hannah gave an update on the problems the Police Department has had concerning Glover Road, truck drivers are being directed to a dead end on Glover Road by their GPS and then having a difficult time turning around.

Chief Hannah said he believed poor road signage was partly to blame and he had spoke to the DOT and has permission to place Dead End signs on Franklin Parkway and will place two additional signs close to the where the pavement ends.

Councilman Almond stated that truckers are getting lost looking for Franklin Aluminum and ask if it were possible to place signs on the highway directing them.

Chief Hannah stated DOT would not allow signs to be placed on the right of way to direct traffic to a business. Hannah stated that it might be possible to find private property owners that would allow a sign to be posted to help with the problem.

Chief Hannah also discussed placing reflectors on the curbing on Mary B. Johnson Road to hopefully avoid some of the damage to the sidewalks from truckers turning around at gate three at the aluminum plant.

Mayor Rogers reported that the Street Department passed the workman’s comp audit this week. He stated that his plans were for himself or Chief Hannah to attend a class that would save the city $12,000 on workman’s comp insurance.

City Attorney David Mecklin reported to the council that he had not received a response to the letters sent to Riverside Mobile Home Park and stated the council would need to discuss action to be taken if a response is not received soon.

Under old business, Daryl Wiggins spoke to the council and Mayor on different options available and the cost of repairing or repaving the square in Franklin.

After extensive discussion the council ask that Mayor Rogers get pricing on Chip & Seal and HA5 (high density mineral bond surface treatment that extends asphalt service ability and payment life at a lower cost) to repair the downtown area.

The new City Hall was discussed and progress has begun with the demolition and clean up of old building. Asbestos has to be removed from part of the building and is scheduled for removal on Tuesday, March 10 at a cost of $4,800.

The Council voted to accept a bid from Alan Bell Architectural Services for $27,500 to draw up the plans for the new City Hall.

Mayor Rogers described the new city hall as a split-level with an elevator, which will house city offices and a city courtroom. A drawing will be presented to the council for approval in the near future.

Ms. Mary Ann Frear made a public comment speaking to the Mayor and council with her concerns on the need for clean up around the city cemetery. Ms. Frear presented pictures she had taken of some of the trees and brush and area that she felt needed work around the cemetery. Frear ask if the city could get workers up to the area to clean it up.

Mayor Rogers explained that the city could not do work on private property but that he would ask the street department to do what they could around the outside areas of the grave sites.

Ms. Frear commented on the excellent job that the city was doing on the walking trail, however again voiced her concerns on the paint smell close to the PPI plant. Councilman Manders assured Ms. Frear that the paint smell was not harmful and that the plant was in compliance with EPA’s strict guidelines but that some of the smell was still going to be in the air.

No executive session was needed and meeting was adjourned. – Times~Journal

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