November 27, 2021

Franklin City Council Minutes (June 7)

Franklin City Council Meeting Minutes


June 7, 2018(6:30 PM)


The Mayor and Council of the City of Franklin, Georgia, met in regular session Thursday, June 7, 2018 at City Hall at 6:30 p.m. All councilmembers were in attendance.

Mayor Rogers began the meeting by welcoming everyone in attendance. Councilmember Almond then gave the invocation and lead the pledge to the flag.

MINUTES OF Council Meeting May 3, 2018

Councilmember Jiles made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Councilmember Putzek. Councilmember Almond and Councilmember Hayes abstained because they were not in the previous meetings attendance, and Councilmember Bradfield approved the motion.


Councilmember Hayes made a motion to amend the order of the agenda to add “Water Authority CDBG Grant Update” and “Rezoning Request” under Unfinished Business, seconded by Councilmember Bradfield.  The vote to approve the motion was unanimous.


Finance – Finance Officer, Karen Boyd, spoke on the following report:

  • All accounts have been reconciled to the bank.  General fund expenses exceeded revenues by $36,642 in May.  Year-to-date, revenues are still exceeding expenses by $90,217.

  • Sales tax increased $3,347 from last month and decreased $773 from last year. SPLOST decreased $2,154 from last month and $6,796 from last year.  

Police Department – Chief Hannah, spoke on the following:

  • Summerfest and Back to School Bash – Chief Hannah updated Council how the process of preparing for these two big community events was underway.

  • Police Officer Hands-Free Driving SOP Policy – Chief Hannah requested approval for an updated Officer hands-free driving policy to correlate with the new GA Hands-Free Driving law implementing July 1st. Councilmember Jiles made a motion to approve the new Hands-Free Driving SOP policy, seconded by Councilmember Hayes.  The vote to approve the motion was unanimous.

Street DepartmentStreet Supervisor, Alan Holcomb, was not in attendance and there was nothing to report.

City AttorneyAttorney David Mecklin updated the Council that he is in discussion with the Heard County Development Authority in working towards an agreement for the Mary Johnson Playground which is on Authority land and will include picnic tables and park benches provided by the City, with stipulations as to what will happen if the land is sold.


  1. Water Authority CDBG Grant Update – Laurie Cook, Director of Heard County Water Authority; along with Chad Sipe and Brittany Bradley, engineers of Carter and Sloope; updated Council on the CDBG grant progress. Maps of the South River Road proposed sewer and water system rehab; as well as, the Main Street target area for sanitary sewer rehab were distributed. Advertising for contractor bids is scheduled for June and the recommendation of bids to Council will occur by August.


Mayor Rogers opened the meeting to a Public Hearing to discuss a Variance Request and Rezoning of 2839 Franklin Parkway. Thomas Miller, adjacent landowner, spoke that he agreed with the Zoning Board and the stipulations placed on their zoning approval. Councilmember Almond made a motion to close the public hearing, seconded by Councilmember Hayes. The vote to approve the motion was unanimous.

  1. Rezoning Request – Attorney Mecklin stated the Zoning Board approved the motion to “approve the rezoning request for 2839 Franklin Parkway to Multi-Family with the stipulation that no manufactured homes are to be placed on the property”. He requested Council’s approval of this motion; as well as, buyer conditions placed in the sales contract that existing mobile homes will be removed within six months and that the City will not issue a building permit until the mobile homes are removed from the property.  Councilmember Hayes made a motion to approve Mecklin’s statement, seconded by Councilmember Jiles. The vote to approve the motion was unanimous.


  • Hotel/Motel Tax – Mayor Rogers discussed the potential for a 5% City hotel/motel tax that would generate 7% revenue to the general fund and 3% to tourism through support of the Heard County Chamber of Commerce or Development Authority. Councilmember Jiles made a motion for Attorney Mecklin to proceed with the drafting of a City Hotel/Motel tax, seconded by Councilmember Almond.  The vote to approve the motion was unanimous.

  • Variance Request – The Zoning Board recommended approval of Thomas Miller’s variance request for the relocation of three houses that are less than the minimum square feet requirement but previously grandfathered into the City. The three houses are to be moved from 350, 360, and 370 College Drive to the following locations: the corner of College Drive and Steve Lipford Drive, Left of 200 Maple Street behind Franklin Housing Authority, and 67 South River Road. Councilmember Almond made a motion to approve the variance request, seconded by Councilmember Jiles. The vote to approve the motion was unanimous.





ADJOURN:  There was no further business to conduct and Councilmember Jiles made a motion, seconded by Councilmember Bradfield, to adjourn.  The vote to approve the motion was unanimous.

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