October 29, 2020

Franklin Police announce Internet Purchase Exchange Location

Chief Hannah says this parking lot next to the Franklin Police Station may now be used for safer internet transactions and child custody exchanges (Photo: Franklin Police Department)

(Franklin, GA) — The Franklin Police Department is encouraging citizens and visitors of the local community to utilize the public parking area beside the Franklin Police Station, located at 118 Davis Street, as an internet purchase exchange location.

The newly designated area includes 24-hour video surveillance and is easily accessible to the public.

This initiative is designed to deter criminal activity sometimes associated with transactions that begin on the internet; leading to fraud, theft, and assaults.

Beyond encouraging citizen and visitors to utilize this location, the Franklin Police Department requests that suspicious and concerning activity be immediately reported to law enforcement.

“Although we discourage the public from engaging in these risky transactions that often begin on the internet between strangers, we recognize the presence of them,” said Chief Kevin Hannah in a press release last week.

“We encourage our residents or anyone who participates in these types of transactions to take advantage of this location and utilize our services.”

Chief Hannah says that a designated area like this is becoming necessary in modern times.

“We have seen cases where personal information was released to complete strangers and internet exchanges occurring in secluded locations. These types of transactions are extremely concerning to us and dangerous results have occurred throughout our nation; therefore, we felt the need to designate a location within our community,” said Chief Hannah.

Chief Hannah says this same location is also ideal for child custody exchanges where a neutral meeting location is desired.

9 Safety Tips for Craigslist/Classified Ad Shopping and Selling

1. If you’re selling, don’t photograph the item with your house easily identifiable in the background, especially if you’re selling high-value items.

2. Never meet someone alone.

3. Tell a friend or family member where you are going.

4. Take your cell phone with you.

5. Always arrange to meet in a well-lit public place.

6. Do not have strangers come to your house, and do not go to a stranger’s house.

7. Be suspicious if the buyer/seller refuses to meet at a public place or changes the agreed-upon meeting place.

8. Don’t accept personal checks or money orders.

9. Trust your instincts — If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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