June 20, 2021

Friend writes poem in tribute to Mr. Tommy Stutts

Tommy Stutts was not only my friend, but he was like a brother to me. His passing has greatly impacted me as well as the entire community. It has compelled me to share this Poem I wrote that may help cope with a loss so overwhelming. ~ Lee Boone

On the Death of a Friend


It’s just a word and holds so much meaning;

For yesterday you were here and today you are gone.


I remember laughing when you tripped and fell.

You understood in that unconscious, perceptive way that friends have,

That I wasn’t laughing at you, but at the sight of you sprawling on the ground

like that … and you laughed too.


We laughed till we cried … we argued and we stood up for each other,

We talked and we listened … we gossiped and we griped and we lived.


The last time I saw you, you were going your way and I was going mine,

and we laughed over some parting remark that I can’t remember now …

we parted never realizing that it was for the last time.


It’s gone now so I’ll have to try to go on without you,

but I’ll never forget you or the way you lived, and the yesterdays’ we had.

I’ll see you again sometime so please don’t forget me.

Wait for me and we’ll talk about yesterday.

Lee Boone

(Editor’s Note: The above photo was taken by Mr. Tommy Stutts and posted on his facebook earlier this year.)


  1. Glenda Fuller Crowder says

    Well said, Tommy is missed and loved by so many and myself. Loved Mr. Tommy. R.I.P. my friend.

  2. John Roberts says

    WOW, Very good. it really makes you think, We only have so many yesterdays. Thank you for sharing. Tommy will be dearly missed no doubt. He has touched more lives in Heard County and elsewhere than anyone else I know.

  3. David Parks says


  4. Roberta Duncan says

    I too am thankful for the yesterdays we have had but I will look ahead to the tomorrows and that reunion we will have. Thanks Lee Boone for those words they express many of our views of Tommy Stutts. He truly was, and still is, an unforgetable man.

  5. Lee, this really touched me
    It so aptly describes the wonderful bonds we share with our friends.

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