October 28, 2020

Happy 92nd Birthday Grandma Winnie

For My Grandma on Her 92nd Birthday


Grandma, you most definitely have to know
That your spirit in me certainly does show.
Your love, your respect, your generosity,
Those are the things you gave to me that others can see.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,
That is the main thing you showed me to do.
Not through just words but through actions.
You LOVED helping people and that’s still your passion.

By watching you, I learned how to act,
Grandma, I don’t think you will EVER know your TRUE impact.
My heavenly Father above placed you in my world,
To raise me, to nurture me, to be a woman from a girl.

It’s easy to tell a child what they should be,
But Grandma, more than words, you SHOWED it to me.
My goal in life has always been to make you proud,
Even though I may not have said it out loud.

But the thing about you that makes me with pride puff up,
Is that me just being me, for you is enough.
When people see me and all that shines,
Grandma, please know that you’re the one behind

That part of me that has this GLOW,
That everyone just rushes to know.
YOU’RE the one that always showed me,
That virtuous woman I was meant to be.

I LOVE YOU, Grandma and I thank God above,
For saturating my life with your unconditional love.
So Happy Birthday, my love, you should really celebrate,
Be BLESSED, you’re LOVED, and please know that YOU ARE GREAT!


Written by Angela Rogers Thomaston

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