December 6, 2021

HCHS Athletic Director honored with Program Dedication

Brave head coach Tim Barron (R) wit Program Dedication Honoree Shane Lasseter, his wife Nickie and their two children Max (L) and Major

(Franklin, GA) — Each year, the Heard County Football Program picks out one special person to honor and to dedicate the upcoming football season.

It is an annual tradition that has allowed Heard County High School to say thank you for the hard work and support of many well-deserving people.

The 2018 dedication took place prior to Friday night’s varsity scrimmage and honored Heard High Athletic Director, Mr. Shane Lasseter.

Coach Lasseter has walked the HCHS halls as a student, athlete, and is currently a teacher and coach. As each graduate of HCHS understands the importance of leaving upon graduation to go to college or learn a trade, Shane Lasseter was no exception.

Thankfully, for the current students of Heard County, Shane also understood the importance of coming back.

After graduating from the University of West Georgia, Shane accepted a job at Heard County Elementary where he taught special education. While teaching at the elementary school, Shane began his coaching career at Heard County Middle School.

The following was read to those in attendance by Brave PA announcer Don Heard during the ceremony prior to Friday night’s scrimmage:

“For those who knew the Lasseter family, they were not surprised by the maturity, drive, and work ethic of the young, inexperienced teacher.

For those who didn’t grow up in the area nor understand the soul of the blue collar Heard County worker, they soon found out what the heart of Heard County looks like.

Shane Lasseter is the epitome of Heard County. From the time he re-entered Heard County School System, his journey to the top of the Heard County Athletic Department was remarkably fast.

Prior to becoming the school’s athletic director, Shane has coached football, baseball, wrestling, and assisted every other sport whenever needed.

It was at every step along this journey that has prepared him for his current role as our leader of the athletic program. In a day and time where many see leadership as the one person telling others what to do, Shane chose to lead in a different manner. No, Shane does not lead by telling others what to do. He leads our program by showing us what to do.

Shane is a servant and leader in all regards. Shane will always be the first one to pick up a shovel, a hammer, or whatever tool needed to move this program in a positive direction. Shane will log in more hours in one year than most educators in three years.

Since Shane Lasseter has taken over as head of the Athletic Department, we have seen the improvement in every aspect of our program. By putting others before himself, his hard work has not gone unnoticed. He is a two-time Region Athletic Director of the Year, has lead our program to multiple Region Sportsmanship Awards, and was just recently named Georgia’s Most Positive Boys Coach.

Although a simple plaque and dedication is not nearly sufficient to show our thanks and gratitude, tonight we honor a great man.”

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