October 31, 2020

Heard County becoming “camera ready” community

Heard County is in the process of becoming a “Camera Ready” county. What this means is that we’re trying to establish Heard County as a place for film and television productions to shoot at.

Most Heard County residents may remember that back in October 2010, the Footloose remake did some filming on the bridge.

When Heard County becomes “Camera Ready,” there’s a greater chance of productions like that choosing locations in our county to film at. Not only is it exciting, but it also provides an economic impact for Heard County.

If you or any friends and relatives that are Heard County residents would like to list your property or business in the database to be considered as a possible filming location, please contact Kristy Hodge at knh2316@gmail.com.

Locations can range from barns and farmhouses to country roads, older homes and school buildings. If you have any questions about whether or not your property is what productions are looking for, feel free to email Kristy.

Visit the Camera Ready website for more details about the program. -Kristy Hodge


  1. Kristy Hodge says

    I’m working with Kathy Knowles, Lisa Adams Dennis and the Chamber of Commerce on getting this project completed. I’ll be gathering pictures of different locations in Heard County in the next few weeks and submitting them.

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