December 7, 2021

Heard County Chamber of Commerce 53rd Annual Membership Dinner

Carroll EMC Business of the Year (L-R) Alvin Ginn, Emmett Harrod, Eddie Gore, Nan Philpot, Jennifer Harmon, Kelly McEwen, Renae Taylor, Tim Martin, Jerome Johston, and Tommy Cook (Photo: Times-Journal)

(Franklin/Times-Journal) — On Friday, January 18, Heard County Chamber held their 53rd Annual Membership Dinner at 6:30 pm in the Heard County Middle School Gym on Old Field Road in Franklin. Approximately 150 members attended the event.

The theme of the annual dinner was “Celebrating Achievement.” Each table had a Heard County sports-related centerpiece that was created by Amanda Horn, Lori Cabe, Nickie Lasseter and Maggie Bonner.

Chamber Board Vice Chairman Keri Denney welcomed everyone and gave the invocation.

The 2018 Business of the Year went to Carroll EMC. Chamber Board Chairman Jimmy Adams recognized the many accomplishments of Carroll EMC for 2018 some of which were $1532 in grants at Centralhatchee Elementary, Heard Middle School and Heard High School. $21,613 in Impact Grants directly funding or effecting Heard County Organizations. $20,500 for surrounding food banks. $3530 supporting Heard County Chamber of Commerce. $1000 Scholarship extending Hope as well as many volunteer items, all while, keeping your electric rates historically low.

Carroll EMC has served Heard and surrounding counties through education programs and seminars. Carroll EMC recognizes the importance and significance of Heard Counties growth and success being critical to the success of our region. Congratulations to Carroll EMC!

Jimmy Adams stated, “We are here tonight to celebrate the academic and athletic achievements of the Heard County School System.”

Some of the achievements were: Heard County Highs graduation rate is 93%. Heard County High School has been recognized for the 6th year straight by US News as one of America’s top High Schools.

Ephesus Elementary was voted #2 Best Teachers in the State. Centralhatchee Elementary facility recognized as top 100 in all of Georgia Elementary Facilities. Heard Elementary Robotics Team qualified for Super Regional Competition in their first-year to participate.

Heard Middle School Title One designated a distinguished school. Heard High Softball Region 5 AA Champions. Heard Middle Softball Champions. Heard High and Heard Middle art students earned top awards. Heard High Marching Band Class A Champions. Heard High Football Team AA State Football Champions.

Heard County School Staff and family members (Photo: Times-Journal)

The keynote speakers for the evening was Heard County Athletic Director Shane Lasseter and Head Football Coach Tim Barron. They spoke on the success of the entire Heard County athletic program.

Adams announced Russ Massa as Volunteer of the Year for 2018. Russ was born and raised in Heard County. He graduated from Heard County Comprehensive High School in 1989. He has been the sports writer for the Times Journal newspaper in Franklin for almost a decade.

In 2011 he founded “The Heard Citizen” a news and media website where he holds the title of Publisher. Russ was not present at the event because he was out doing what he loves, covering Heard County sports.

The Chamber Dinner was catered by Little Hawaiian and entertainment was provided by Jerry Rogers. The top prizes of the night were an apple watch and a flat screen TV.

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