July 24, 2021

Heard County Commissioners Discuss Georgia Power Confederate Flag Controversy (Video)

(Franklin,GA) — Last night at the regular called meeting of the Heard County Board of Commissioners an amendment to the agenda under new business was added to include a discussion of the recent controversy at Plant Wansley involving Confederate Flags that were removed from several graves recently at the Yellow Dirt Baptist Church Cemetery by Georgia Power employees.

The power company, which is owned by the Southern Company, later returned the flags to one of the members of a deceased veteran’s family.

Mark Williams, a spokesperson for the Power Company, stated that the flags were returned temporarily while an investigation is done into the legal ownership of the cemetery property.

The property is located in a landlocked area of the plant grounds. District One Commissioner Karen Isenhower made the motion which was then given a second by District Three Commissioner Gwen Caldwell. The motion was approved by the board.

The following is exclusive video of that discussion which was held at the Heard County Courthouse.

Heard Commissioners Discuss Georgia Power Flag Controversy from HeardCitizen.com on Vimeo.



  1. I was happy to see the board dealing with this cemetery vandalism. This incident is reeking of political correctness in their hiding the identity of the employee who removed the flags. I suspect that person was instructed to do so and they do not want them questioned.

    Whoever initiated this offensive and silly act needs to be exposed so they can be questioned as to how much of the GA Power chain of command was involved. The question as to whether the employee acted alone or under instruction, should be the first order of business.

    As part of any resolution I would ask the board to not just let GA Power investigate and give their report, but that the commissioners question all the GA Power people involved and make their own separate report to the public.

    Before this is over I would like to see what kind of multiculturalism sensitivity training GA Power provides their employees to see if any groups are discriminated against like Confederate Veterans, despite their being American veterans by act of Congress, done during the Civil War Centennial.

    Jim W. Dean
    VeteransToday.com Managing Editor
    Military Order of World Wars…Atlanta PR officer

  2. Billy Bearden says

    I would like to say a HUGE thanks and a big round of applause to District 1 Commissioner Karen Isenhower for taking the lead on the Flag theft issue amongst the Board of Commissioners.

    I do find it odd that someone would say that Georgia Power will keep their word, when no word has yet been given to actually keep. And to suggest that Ga Power will do the right thing? The right thing would consist of releasing the names of those employees who stole the flags to the media and the Sheriff’s office, make restitution to the Webbs and SCV for stolen property, and a very PUBLIC apology and promise to follow all Georgia Laws pertaining to respecting the graves of American Veterans which includes hands off items so designated to recall the military service of said veterans in a cemetery that does NOT belong to them.

    Yes, this is the bare minimum “right thing to do” and it has almost been 1 month y’all. It is so very simple: Either you stand up for all of America’s Veterans, honor and respect them and their service to their country and to laws related to the protection of deceased Veterans, or you do not.

    Which side does it appear the politicians are on? When will Ga Power / Plant Wansley stop hiding behind lawyers, delays, and ill informed spokes-folks and “Do the right thing”?

    We are waiting….

    Anyone reading this is welcome to join the Facebook protest of Ga Power page

  3. Thanks to the Board for bringing up this subject, they could have easily not even talked about this and no one would have even mentioned it. So very good on their part for staying in touch with the community.
    Next, we need to remember that this is a power plant so it is a target for terrorists. Also, any solider or veteran needs to be treated, by all with the utmost respect, whether you agreed with the battle and/or war they were involved in or not. Throughout history those who have given all in Battle have been shown respect for their opponents. Yes, this was a tough time for our country, War Between the States, but it helped to mold our country to where we are at presently. So all should be shown and treated with respect.
    Here is a good PR move for GA Power toward all involved as well as the community. Ga Power should donate on the edge of their property at Yellow Dirt the same amount of land as the cemetery and church. Then move all graves from the present cemetery and place in new location. And ask for help from the county and community in acheiving this. This is a solution to problem and situation. Answers are needed here not more questions.

    • Mr. Massa,
      In response to your disrespectful “solution to a problem” I have a few questions. First of all, would you consider moving the graves in the city cemetery in Franklin, next to the high school? Did you know that Ga. Power has more security in place than the city of Franklin does. Also, how would you feel if it was your parents or grandparents graves that were being said to be moved?

  4. Billy Bearden says

    It is still an active graveyard, and while moving it might be an option (a very bad one as none of the numerous decendants I know – Jacksons, Eve Davenport-Holder, George David Meyer, Doss, Webbs – do not want such a move), why burden the good taxpayers with more $$$ over a situation they were victims of?

    For decades the quiet little Yellow Dirt cemetery remained unmolested. Serene resting place for many a loved one – until political correctness and jack booted thugs came marching in stomping here and kicking there. Now what? I hear some politicians have advised us to ‘trust them’ and they will ‘do the right thing’

    Restitution, Apologies in a public arena, Promises in writing to never again repeat such a dasterdly act, Release the name/names of the guilty who did the flag taking no matter how high up the chain of command it goes to the media and the Sheriff’s dept for appropriate criminal prosecution, Release the name/names of the guilty who issued the email forbidding visitors to the Yellow Dirt Cemetery on October 17th.

    These are the answers citizens of America are looking for and we are waiting for the right thing to be done by Ga Power…

  5. Jonathan Dillard says

    This is a great video against Ga Power that needs to be watched – it shouts exactly to the situation of Yellow Dirt. Sheriff Henry, HCBoC Chair ADMITS in the vimeo in the Heard Citizen article above the criminal was a male. She has information pertinant to the crimes that were committed in violation to Ga Laws by Ga Power. So now we get closer to the culprit. Sheriff Henry do your duty and make the arrest ASAP – THIS WEEK!

    Chairman Jackson RELEASE the name of the guilty male THIS WEEK!

    Y’all watch this video

  6. Here is a VERY eye opening video on the same issue

  7. Richard Powell says

    Who ever took those flags should be arrested for what ever and everything the law provides. Those are graves of honorable men who served their country and state and county for what they belived was right. What a lot of people still belive was right. Georgia Power should donate $$$ to help the up keep of those graves. They charge enough, I will try to kick them out of the county if I can. This is not right. Those are private graves, owned by the family’s of those loved ones. Or aby the church who owned the land at one time. If only I was a lawyer, good thing I’m not…. God Bless Georgia and God Bless those souls in the graves.

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