May 16, 2021

Heard County High School hosts first Military and Academic Signing Day

Heard County High School Military and Academic Signing Day (Photo: Shane Lasseter)

(Franklin, GA) — Heard County High hosted its first ever Military and Academic Signing Day at the school recently on Thursday, May 16.

Similar to a more traditional athletic signing day, in which athletes officially or ceremonially declare the place of higher education they’ve committed to, the ceremony highlighted HCHS’s soon-to-be graduating students’ intentions to join the military or continue their academic educations.

During the ceremony, 10 students committed to join various branches of military services while eight others signed academic scholarships.

Heard high athletic director Shane Lasseter hopes the event will become a regular tradition and is thankful for all of those that encouraged the start of the inaugural event.

“Our school counselor Mrs. Becky Roberts did a great job of setting up and getting the school and military contacts to come out for this event and I would like to thank her and everyone that helped including Mr. Tisdale for encouraging us to recognize another group of kids. We hope this event grows and continues to get better. We are excited for this special group of kids and know they will do great things in the future,” says Lasseter.

One of the academic students honored at the ceremony who also works in the athletics department played a crucial role in setting up the event.

“Taylor Paris organized the entire event — and as always with anything she does — it went great,” added Lasseter. Taylor will be attending Jacksonville State University this fall, after she was awarded the Gamecock Tradition Scholarship and The Enhancement Grant.

Two of the military enlistees, Jed Porter and Alan Weber, will be joining the United State Air Force, while Kaitlyn Baldwin, Dawson Cao, and Khalid Lee will be enlisting into the United States Army.

Martin Talley, Brandon Wendell, and David Wilkins will be enlisting into the Marine Corps. Gage Cannon and Rickeryia Phillips will become members of the Army National Guard.

Academically, Class of 2019 Salutatorian Mason Hudson will be attending Georgia Institute of Technology beginning in the Fall of 2019. He was awarded the Tech Promise Scholarship.

Garrett Callahan and J.D. Blakely will be attending LaGrange College beginning in the Fall of 2019. They were each awarded the Fellows Scholarship.

Katelyn Smith will be attending LaGrange College after being awarded the Founders Scholarship and the College Grant.

Mikaela Parmer will be attending LaGrange College beginning in the Fall of 2019. She was also awarded the Founders Scholarship.

Sydney Gay will be attending Southern Union — she was awarded the Counselor Leadership Scholarship.

Class Valedictorian Jordan Cornelius will be attending the University of West Georgia. He was awarded the Jacob McGavok Dickinson Scholarship, Elizabeth L. Parker Memorial Scholarship, Francis Wood Wilson Foundation Scholarship, and the Foundation Scholarship.


  1. This is awesome at #BRAVESNATION there is something for everyone. Some may say different some may agree but I put HCHS on top of the map for what is done daily. THANKS TO ALL

  2. Joann Paschal says

    What a great idea, Congratulations to all, you make Heard County proud

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