June 20, 2021

Heard County students advance to Regional Tech Competition

Pictured above at the recent Tech Fair (L-R)) are John Pierre Mixon, Pope Phillips, Cason Holtzclaw, and Charles Mixon (Photo: Amanda Stephens)

(Franklin, GA) — Thirty elementary students and two high school students won first-place awards in the Second Annual Heard County Schools Technology Competition held on December 18 in the Heard County Elementary School Gym.

These students advanced to the West Georgia Regional Tech Competition held at the Carroll County Performing Arts Center in Carrollton, where they were able to show of their tech savviness on January 17.

Students were able to compete individually or in pairs, by creating a project in one of the 15 technology-related categories of their choice.

Students used time during their technology exploratory class and many other opportunities to learn about their category, ask questions and design their projects for the competition.

At the Region Competition, students competed by grade levels — third/fourth, fifth/sixth, and eleventh/twelfth — 24 groups presented their projects to multiple judges, who scored them based on the state rubric for each category.

Heard County students represented 12 of the 15 categories this year.

Categories ranged from animation, digital game design, and video production. There were many categories that were of high interest to students, such as 3D Modeling.

Kaylee Costley (Photo: Amanda Stephens)

To bring their project to life, a 3-D printer was purchased.

This allowed the students to take their 3-D design they created on a computer using TinkerCad to transfer their digital design to a 3D printed object.

The students were then able to see a finished project, which led to conversations about physical areas that could be redesigned on their digital project.

Students were also excited about Digital Game Design. Students had to create a game of their own with rules, levels, and goals.

Students quickly realized how much work it takes to design and create a game that they can play and win within a few minutes.

Winners in the third/fourth grade divisions were Vivan Wilson, Animation; Matthew Yarbrough and Cannon Cosper, Digital Game Design; Dylan Hackney, 3D Modeling; Kaylee Costley, Graphic Design; Addison Rivers & Payton Bertles, Productivity; Lexa Ogles, Internet Applications; Aubree Kee, Digital Photo Production; Mark Head, Audio Production; Leah Fletcher and Aleah Kinard, Multimedia Applications; Charles Mixon & John Pierre Mixon, Video Production; and Lucy Parmer, Robotics.

Winners in the fifth/sixth grade division were Lucas McCormick, Mobile Applications; Andrew Longshore, Animation; Levi Miller and Colby Senn, Digital Game Design; Tandem Malcolm, 3D Modeling; Cason Holtzclaw and Pope Phillips, Graphic Design; Ellis Turner, Productivity; Gunner Copeland and Preston Crockett, Digital Photo Production; Abbi Wilson, Audio Production; Shad Wilson and Zach Donnell, Multimedia Applications; Ben Schory, Video Production; and Allie Brown, Robotics.

Levi Miller (L) and Colby Senn (Photo: Amanda Stephens)

Winners in the eleventh/twelfth division were Michael Payton, Video Production and Jacob Cash, Video Production.

Taking top honors at the regional competition and advancing to state were the following students: Levi Miller and Colby Senn, Cason Holtzclaw and Pope Phillips, Charles Mixon and John Pierre Mixon, and Kaylee Costley.

“I’m extremely proud of the students who competed,” stated Amanda Stephens, Instructional Technology Specialist for Heard County Schools.

“They have worked extremely hard on their projects and have persevered through many challenges. I’m also thankful for each adult that worked diligently with the students, ensuring their success for competition. Thank you to Dana Banks, Shane Barber, Trent Bianco, Cindy Harrod, Heath Horn, Loretta Shaw and each principal.”

Students who took the top honors by winning first place at the regional level will advance to the Georgia Technology Competition at the Marietta Campus of Kennesaw State University on March 14.

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