November 27, 2021

Heard County Water Authority Promotes Early Detection

Heard County Water Authority employees are wearing pink this month to raise awareness for Breast Cancer (Photo: HCWA)

(Franklin, GA) — With the arrival of Autumn many beautiful colors abound during the month of October.

The landscape often resembles a mosaic created by fallen leaves, and pink begins to emerge to raise Awareness for Breast Cancer.

Unfortunately Beast Cancer affects many people, both women and men. The best protection is early detection.

Heard County Water Authority staff will wear pink in October to increase awareness. We encourage everyone to engage with a health care professional to learn more about early detection of cancer.

The Heard County Health Department is a local resource that can provide guidance and their phone number is 706-675-3456.

As we reflect on how precious good health is to all, we recognize our precious natural resource of clean water.

Awareness of how much a water leak can waste and increase the customer’s bill is important. A simple drip of 12 drops per minute from a faucet can add up to over 631 gallons per year.

According to the American Water Works Association (AWWA), toilets are responsible for approximately 27 percent of the water used in homes on a daily basis.

A leaking toilet is usually silent and results in a tremendous amount of water loss. Every day that a silent leak goes undetected can amount to as much as 300 gallons of water. That is three times the amount of water the average American uses in an entire day.

When water is wasted, that easily translates to money spent on higher water bills. The problem oftentimes goes undetected until a leak test has been conducted.

The Heard County Water Authority is giving away free packets of leak detection test tablets to our customers during the month of October.

We hope you will stop by and meet our staff and pick up your free leak detection tablets. In October HCWA will wear pink for Breast Cancer Awareness and to honor those who have suffered.

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