October 27, 2020

Heard Student meets Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich and Brett Smith

Heard High School senior Brett Smith was able to meet his political idol and 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate Mr. Newt Gingrich recently at a rally in Peachtree City.

Brett arrived very early to the event in hopes of getting closer to his favorite politician. His eagerness paid off as he not only met him but also shook his hand and posed for a picture.

When asked why he is one of the few politically minded young students at the school Smith replied, “I feel like a lot of people my age aren’t in to politics because they don’t see how important a presidential election is to their future and even to their present.”

According to Smith, several hundred people were in attendance for the assembly. Brett also met Gingrich’s wife Callista and daughter Jackie Gingrich Cushman.

What leads me to Newt is his brilliance and his bold, out of the box ideas. He has big dreams for America, and I like that! I’m person, it was hard to take it all in, but he was polite and friendly and made sure he shook all the hands reaching out to him. I would like to be in politics, the highest goal I’ve set for myself is Governor and/or senator but who knows.-Brett Smith





  1. SO proud of my “baby”. Thank you for sharing his experience with the citizens of heard county!

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