October 30, 2020

Jacob Cammon Baptized in Centralhatchee Creek

[gpslideshow]Photos Courtesy of Stephanie Hyatt

Jacob Cammon, a life-long resident of Heard County and the Centralhatchee community, was Baptized this morning at Eley’s Wash Hole in Centralhatchee Creek.

Jacob, the District #2 Commissioner for Heard County decided to make his relationship with Jesus Christ official after recently joining Centralhatchee Independent Methodist Church.

Jacob told the Citizen that he has been attending the church for a long time now, and that he thought the time was right for the Baptism as he has been faced with and continues to face several surgeries to relieve some severe back problems.

The Baptism was done via full submersion in the creek which is really unusual these days.

The Baptism took place immediately after the Sunday morning church service and was attended by a host of church members and other community members who were in attendance to support Jacob.

The Baptism was performed by the church Pastor Eric Jackson.

When asked about Jacob’s decision, Emmett Jackson, a fellow church member stated, “We are extremely thankful for Jake as we welcome him into our church family. God is good all of the time.”

“On a Sunday afternoon a large group of  people drove to witness something that is rare these days. It was an amazing and beautiful event for Jake… such a leap of faith for him and all that witnessed a life changing experience,” added Mart Hyatt, another member of the community who was on hand for the ceremony.

The Heard Citizen would like to thank Jake personally for allowing us to be on hand to share such a deeply personal experience with the community. (See below for exclusive video footage of Jacob’s Baptism)

Baptism of Jacob Cammon from HeardCitizen.com on Vimeo.



  1. Patricia Bailey says

    wonderful coverage

  2. A great article. Your words clearly expressed my thoughts as a spectator standing on the creek bank. Thanks Russ and keep em coming!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Great article Russ. It was wonderful to be there and witness the beginning of Jake’s new life. 🙂

  4. Great article and video Russ. It was so good to have you with us today. Now you will need to come to our Christmas play…..:)

  5. Russ,
    I cannot find enough words to describe this life-changing experience, not only for Jake, but also for our family. As I witnessed this event unfold this morning, it just reminds me just how awesome God is and exactly how blessed I am. We all have a lot to be thankful for each day. Today just reminds me of yet another way and reason that I am thankful….I am thankful for God sending his son, Jesus Christ, to suffer a crucial death as he died upon that old rugged cross and yet rose 3 days later. From this, the sins of the world were forgiven and the offer to everyone the ultimate gift that anyone could ever receive…the gift of salvation and eternal life with our Heavenly Father. God is definitely still in the saving business, and I could not be more proud of Jake for his life-changing commitment. Most people are proud to call him their friend, commissioner, etc…..but I am truly blessed to call him family!

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