October 27, 2020

James Stewart Chapter NSDAR hosts luncheon for local veterans

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(Franklin, GA) — The James Stewart Chapter National Society Daughters of the American Revolution celebrated Veterans Day in many ways.

On Friday November 11th, members visited the veterans at PruitHealth nursing home and gave them goodie bags filled with treats, socks, puzzle books pens and pencils. On Sunday, November 13th, veterans at Emory Chapel Church were honored in a special ceremony.

On Saturday, November 12th, the James Stewart Chapter hosted a luncheon for local veterans and their guests at the 4-H Center.

Chapter members had been gathering veterans’ names for over a year and were so pleased to be able to honor 90 veterans. We had a total of 157 in attendance. As veterans checked in, they received name tags, service pins, and two special tickets.

Tables were set with DAR blue table cloths and beautiful red, white, and blue centerpieces handmade by DAR daughter Elaine Jarrett or beautiful red stars and streamers.

Flag pins, Remembrance stars, mints, and “Thank You” cards circled the centerpieces. There were displays set up around the room for each war or conflict era – pictures, flags, charts, uniforms, and mementos shared by veterans or made by DAR members.

Chapter Regent Carla Brown hosted the program. While Regent Brown shared information about the DAR and Meadow Garden, chapter members and local 4-H members and grandchildren of JSC members served the drinks and plates.

Attendees listened to a rendition of the writing of the National Anthem and then stood as the Star Spangled Banner was sung by Miss Gracie Rowe.

James Stewart Chapter Chaplain Jane Barker gave the blessing everyone enjoyed the delicious meal of chicken strips, creamed potatoes, beans, homemade rolls, and dessert, all catered by local caterer Debra Gibbs. Tea was provided by Chick-fil-A in Carrollton and Publix Grocery.

Commission Chairman Lee Boone and State Senator Matt Brass joined us to welcome attendees and thank all our veterans to a round of applause. Senator Brass was presented a Navy pin in appreciation of his service in the United States Navy.

The guest speaker was James Stewart Chapter Pamela Langley Wright. Mrs. Wright is the branch manager of Oconee Federal Bank in Clayton, Georgia. She is the wife of a veteran, daughter of a veteran, and sister of a veteran.

She shared her patriotic ancestors who fought in past wars and talked of the importance of veterans to their families and of families to their veterans.

Pamela read a message from her veteran brother and shared the story of their father’s service in Vietnam and his struggle as his liver failed and finally as he received his liver transplant. She ended with words of praise for our veterans and the families who love them. Mrs. Wright’s words touched all in attendance and received a warm round of applause.

Vice Regent Sharon Frost shared words of thanks to the veterans in attendance and read a poem she had written for the occasion. Regent Brown spoke on the different eras of service of our veterans  – from World War II  to Korea to Vietnam to the Cold War to the 1st Iraq War and into the Global War on Terrorism – Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo,  Kuwait – giving a “Thank you for your service “ to veterans of each era.

She also announced that as a partner of the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War Commemoration, the chapter received the special Commemoration pins to present to the Vietnam veterans in addition to a Recognition of Military Service Certificate.

The James Stewart members and the students joined her at the front. As she read the certificates – giving the veteran’s name, branch of service and war or conflict, each veteran waved or stood and either a DAR member or a young person presented the veteran’s certificate and an American Flag to the veteran with a handshake and a “Thank you for your service.”

Vietnam veterans also received the Commemoration pin with a sheet giving the meaning of each item on the pin. Certificates for veterans honored, who did not attend the program to receive their certificates from a DAR representative, will be mailed this week.

Once all were recognized and thanked, veteran Robert Doddridge sang the “Battle Hymn of the Republic.”  Then four special Service Remembrance Certificates were presented to family members of James Stewart members who have recently lost beloved veterans.

A Certificate for Dock Davis, United States Navy, was presented to his sister, Rebecca Lawley and family; a certificate for Robert McLain, United States Air Force, was presented to his widow, Joyce McLain and family; a certificate for Glen Neighbors, United States Army; was presented to his widow Jackie Neighbors and family; and a certificate for Henry “Newt” Williams, United States Army Airborne; was presented to his daughter Rachel Williams and family.

The floor was the given to vice regent Sharon Frost and member Joyce McLain, who, with assistance from the audience, drew 10 tickets for special goodie bags.

Regent Brown once again thanked everyone for coming and asked that the veterans to please gather in certain areas for photos to be made of each group. Everyone was encouraged to enjoy the displays. Chaplain Jane Barker ended the program with a beautiful benediction.

The James Stewart chapter is still trying to identify all our local veterans.  Please let any member know if you are a veteran or if you know of a veteran.  Several items were found during cleanup.  If you lost anything please contact Regent Brown at 770-251-0754.

The 2016 NSDAR Veteran Honor Roll

Carla 102Harry Adams, Bobby Awbrey, Mason Awbrey, Scott Awbrey, Tom Awbrey, Harold  Banks, Harry Barber, Jesse Bell, Andrew L. Betts, Jackie Lamar Boyd, Willie E. Brittian, Raymond E. Brown, Richard Brown, Steven Calhoun, Andrew Cameron, Robert Cameron, John R. Cash, Jay Cheeks, Harold Cook, Staci Coussens, Wendell “Pap” Craven, Douglas L. Crawford, Frank Crook, Larry Denney, Janice Doddridge, Robert Doddridge, Thomas Edwards, Charlie Frost, Gayle Gentry, Donald Glover, Charles  Gore, Paul Clifton Gosdin, Randy Hawk, Nancy Hill, Allen Hoffman, Linder T. Hogan (L. T.), Donald J. Holmes, Kenneth B. Hoopaugh, Bob Hopkins, Tommy Hull, Malcolm Jackson, Henry S. Jameson, James L.  Jones, Stanley G. Lane, Sr., Durell Langley, Normand Lavoie, Joseph Lawley, Taylor Lee, Milton Lepard, Theron Levens, Thomas W. Levens, Jeffrey A. Liggett, Raymond H. Lindenmuth, Jr., Lawrence Lipford, Thomas Lipford, Verlon Marshall, Vester D. Massey, Tom McCutchen, Dennis McGuire, Wayne Miller, Joe Mills, Clyde Nation, David Neighbors, Jerry M Nixon, William David Parks, Edward T. Perry, Larry A. Pike, William Pike, Marc Pilotte, Grady Price, Scott Proctor, David C. Quinn Sr., Barry Reed, Charlie Rennpage, Joel Rogers, Kenneth P. Rogers, Jimmy Rutger, Johnny Wayne Smith, Joel Sorrells, Jerome R. Teal, Steve Thomas, Richard Todd, Samuel Townsend, Mac F. Walther, Norman Jerry Woodard, Joe Wortham.

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