December 7, 2021

Larry Hammond for District 4 County Commissioner


Hello… My name is Larry Hammond, and I am currently the Heard County Commissioner in District #4.

I have been a Heard County citizen for 29 years. I married a native of Heard County – Beth Bowen. I retired in 2013 from the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles after 26 years of service.

The past three and a half years as your county commissioner has been a learning and rewarding experience. I have gained much insight and knowledge of our county and government.

During this time frame, I have also received my certification as a county commissioner through the ACCG program in conjunction with the University of Georgia.

I came into the public sector with no pre-conceived agenda. My initial mission was to serve the citizens of District #4, and all citizens of this county with integrity and honor. This goal will never waiver.

I pledge to fulfill my civic duty to each and every citizen of Heard County. I will always encourage and attempt to spread positive values as our county moves forward.

I envision our county will prosper while maintaining a core value of family. Rural counties such as Heard have seen a stagnation of population growth, as well as, economic adversity.

Heard County is in an enviable position for planned progress. We have many positives on our resume’ such as our excellent educational system, emerging Chattahoochee River development, superior multi-purpose arena, and an outstanding recreational system for our children.

We are progressively working on increasing our tourism attractions, county heritage, broadband development, and our overall economic development plan for the future. We have several development plans on board to make Heard County more attractive to businesses and families. However, we must all work together to make these come to fruition.

All my decisions are thoughtfully considered because it is our community, and not a self- interest, that are my priority. I pledge to work diligently for the citizens of this county while staying focused on our core values. I will always give my best, and promise to be respectful and responsible to all citizens. I have been humbled and honored by the trust placed in me by the voters, and I respectfully request your continued support.

Please feel free to call me at any time at 770-328-9439.


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  1. Mr. Hammond do you agree with the SPLOST vote on May 22nd to be used to add-on to the jail or would you like to see it go toward benefiting the children of Heard County? I do remember your promises about doing something that would benefit the kids. I haven’t seen anything yet. I’m hoping you will fulfill your civic duties to the future of this county the KIDS. Good luck and GOD BLESS.

  2. We have been hearing about broadband for several years and I would like to know what any of you have accomplished besides empty promises.

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