October 27, 2020

Less is More Perhaps?

Dear Editor:

Impressive paper. Congrats and thanks. One suggestion, if I may, for it may facilitate an efficient read. Please restrict articles and columns to 300 to 500 words . some folks do have great things to say but long-winded write-ups get old. Just because people write for you does not mean they can go on and on and on and even more on till I get tired of reading ( see what I mean? and it’s not even 70 words!)

Ksh Bhachech

(The Citizen appreciates your remarks and while we do try to keep our news articles as brief as possible we do consider our format to be more of a news magazine and not just a newspaper only. Therefore, our talented columnists are afforded the opportunity to use as many words as they deem necessary. We thank you for frequenting our site.)

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