October 28, 2020

Letter To The Editor: A message of thanks

A Personal Message of Thank You:

When I left work last Friday, the weekend ahead included the threat of approaching severe weather.

The Heard County EMA, 911, Sheriff and Public Works were all prepared and ready to respond.

In my statement posted Friday on Heard Citizen, I called for prayers of God’s protection over our County when the storms arrived.

I am sure most of you were also monitoring the severe weather that was approaching from the west as well.

After receiving updates this week, I am pleased to announce that Heard County had no reports of any power outages, property damage, injuries or fatalities.

I would like to personally thank all who prayed and have been praying for God’s protection for our county.

The aftermath of this storm for Heard County is testimony that prayer works, and we should never let up.


Lee Boone

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