October 22, 2020

Letter To The Editor: Convenience Center Hours

Dear Editor,

This letter is written to address some concerns with the hours at our Convenience Centers in Heard County.

Am I the only one who finds the hours at our “convenience” centers, inconvenient? There isn’t a center open before 10:00 during the week (Mondays & Thursdays only at Old Field Rd). The others aren’t open until 12 Noon.

If I am going to run errands such as a trip to the post office, bank, grocery store, or to take off the trash, etc., in this heat especially, I would like to get an earlier start than 10:00 AM. And I don’t really want to haul my trash around until after 10:00 AM, while I do my other errands.

IMG_6615Also, during the summer, frequently, it is clear and pleasant in the morning, but we have thunderstorms in the afternoons and evenings.

I would really love to have one location open at 7:00 a.m., even if only one day a week, so I could drop my trash off on my way to work.

All three surrounding Georgia counties (Carroll-10 sites, Coweta-12 sites, and Troup-12 sites) have from 3 – 7 centers open at 7 AM each weekday.  I realize we do not have the population or tax base they do, but I still do not think having at least one center each weekday opening at 7 AM, is too much to ask.

I may be the only one in the county that is bothered by this, but having six centers in our county, I think at least one could open at 7 AM or 8:00 AM every day during the week.

Thank you for the opportunity to voice my opinion on this matter of convenience.


Lavonia Garrett (Franklin)


  1. Mona Johnson says

    I think that would be a wonderful idea Lavonia! We are both retired and it really isn’t a big bother to us. Sometimes there are days we go to LaGrange early and we could drop ours off on our way (Victory Rd) and that would be nice not to have to make a special trip when we go right by there on our way to town. But for you guys that work, it would make a great deal of difference! So, you aren’t the only one in the county!!!

  2. Kristie Jones says

    I agree my husband has MS and can not be out in the summer heat after 10am if it’s preventable.

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