November 29, 2020

Letter to the Editor: Local police breaking up wild parties

Dear Editor,

I would just like to take a little time to say how great of a community we have here and to say a special thank you to Chief Kevin Hannah and the City of Franklin Police Department.

My nephew celebrated his fifth birthday on Saturday, April 8th with a police-themed party.

I contacted Chief Hannah a week or so prior and asked him if it would be at all possible to have an officer and car come out to the party for the kids. He was so willing to help us and not only did he have an officer and car come to the party, but the kids got to see the lights, sit in the back of the car, and received treat bags and cups!

It was wonderful to see how excited the kids were. It seems in today’s society our children are being more and more exposed to the idea that police are bad guys.

PartyIt is so important for us to teach them that police are there to help us and to make sure we follow the rules, not to bring us harm or scare us.

While that is a responsibility that rests on our shoulders, when great officers like this participate and help us, it makes it a much easier lesson.

Thank you so much once again to Chief Hannah, the City of Franklin Police Department and especially officer Tim Rowley for your service on a daily basis and for taking time to let the people in your community know you care!

I know the birthday boy, Zachary Tatum, his mom and dad (Amanda and Christopher), myself, and countless others will never forget what you did to make his day extra special!


Meagan Sheets (Franklin)


  1. April lark says

    This is my great nephew.. the officer was such a good sport and soo friendly!!

  2. Shirley Shepard says

    Tim and Kevin are great guys and definitely an asset to Heard County Law enforcement

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